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Weve been hearing about the problems of Asian fish invading the midwest here in Chicago for a while. They got into Lake Michigan, and started taking over the local population. I think I heard recently that theyve got it under control in that lake, but apparently there is a new problem:

When Fish Attack

Im sorry, but thats funny.

I think the real enemy is this guy.


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big up my thoroughness!

someone (who'd actually made a donation!) just asked me to restore the "lost pictures of fush" to this thread.

this relates to the fact that dissensus can no longer upload or host images in an effort to cutdown bandwidth.

i took this very seriously.


a) the broken image link up-thread are almost all pointing at other sites where the images are no longer hosted.

b) i checked this very thread before i took the step of removing attachments and discovered that most people were indeed linking off-site for their images.

c) almost none of the images that were hosted at the site were of FUSH and AMAZINGLY i can prove it by this animated gif i generated last night:



there are no accidents
that one of three-six mafia hanging out with those kids is my favorite of all pictures ever posted LOLOLOLOLOL


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the animated gif

Ladybirds....Hooked On Classics.....T Rex....Black Flag....Baboons

It's like my life flashing before my eyes.:eek:

Mr. Tea

Shub-Niggurath, Please
imagine going for a night swim and finding yourself caught in the purple glowing sea... :eek: you would

1. notice the extraordinary beauty for but a split second and
2. quickly succumb to a thousand hot needle stings all over your body and die of either shock or drowning.

3. hear the foul, slimy devotionals sung by the Deep Ones to their ancient father and God: "Iä, Iä! Cthulhu f'htagn!...."
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