Shiira (New OSX Browser)


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that was fuckin weird... i was just replying to this topic and safari crashed! i think it was jealous...

anyway for some ungodly reason wikipedia crashes browser every time on my dual intel macbook pro... anyone else have this problem?

how is this new one? anyone test it yet?


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i was switching between the beta version of 2 and the more stable version 1 it for about a year. Aesthetically it's gorgeous, the full-page view is amazing for reading text based web pages.but quitre a few web pages didnt load well, and i had the feeling that the development was drying up, the shiira homepage hadnt been updated for ages and bugs werent getting fixed. The new safari has implemented (nicked?) a crapload of the features that made shiira unique. But if the development picks up it would be the best browser yet.