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i'm going to be in liverpool for a few days this week, wondering if there's any good 2nd hand record shops worth checking out, particularly for reggae, dancehall and hip hop...

also, any other recommendations of what to do in liverpool? am well up for going to the docks and checking out any industrial/railway museums... not so interested in beatles stuff but if it's particularly interesting then maybe

thanks :)

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There's a Tate Gallery there that's worth visiting, and the Walker Gallery is great too. One of them has (or had until recently) a scale model from the 1930s of the proposed design for the Catholic cathedral, before the current space-ship-looking one got built in the 60s. I'm told both cathedrals are worth visiting in their own right.
There's some kind of slavery exhibition on at one of the museums, and a visit to the Philharmonic Dining Rooms (gorgeous turn-of-the-century pub) is a must.


Hairy Records at the top of Bold Street is a good second hand shop with a pretty big selection. Not too sure if they're specifically any good for the genres you mentioned, there are hip hop and reggae sections in there though. And I'll second Tea regarding the Philharmonic Pub, lovely place to drop in for a pint or two, Hardman Street as a whole is recommended. Chibuku is probably the best club night, Justice are playing this Saturday. Remember: Most other club nights in Liverpool play either chart indie or "scouse house" (shit commercial house with a hint of happy hardcore.)
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I second Hairy Records, last time I was in they had a bunch of old King Sunny Ade records for £4-5 each. Also on Bold Street there's News from Nowhere, an anarchist/socialist/environmentalist/etc. bookshop that has an incredible (mostly world) music section. The legendary Probe records is also worth a look, as they have a few gems.

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I'm there for the weekend Gabriel - give me a bell if you're around then too...

thanks for the tips people - good timing! :)