nope it was good, the main room anyway.

right thru the haze and the lack of sleep ...

I still maintain the place is one of the 7 rings of hell. after an hour and a halfs queuing, and watching bouncers randomly pick people off to get out of the queue etc it was a relief to get in, and find a loo too mind, as i had gone through several stages of conciousness. The whole queuing thing seems to be totally needless too.

Got in just as diplo was half way thru, a good mix of dancehall, hip hop, spinning in the odd curveball, around the world by daft punk etc, dropping ice rink really amped the crowd, (it sounded just incredible, hearing it on the fabric system is a reminder of just how brilliant it is)

roll deep, well the whole crew were there and some, kano and ghetto from nasty, gods gift, (his new one was reloaded alot) taliban trim. Wiley was guiding proceedings for sure, quite a mentor, it's endearing, but ghetto was the firestarter, spitting energy and anger, got the crowd going, got the onstage moshing violently. God's gift's rough throated verses were a highlight as well, as were Kano's, who's probably the smoothest and least reactive mc of the lot.

the whole thing needed to be a bit louder (always my complaint), but vibe caught on, more energy than precision for sure,
everybody seemed to be enjoying it, even though the lyrics couldn't really be heard at times.


anyone else?

ive just read simon SDC's review on his blog.

it's a shame that the chances to see grime mcs are so few and far between. and it's an even bigger shame that when the chance to see people you really rate arises, the event is a disappointment.

it's at times like these that i think i should really make the effort and start my own club night.

simon silverdollar

well, i thought it was shit, but i left early, and by all accounts it got much better later on. i was just pissed off that despite the fact that kano was one of the main people listed on the flyer, he was only on stage for 5 minutes [although apparently he made a surprise appearance later on with roll deep]. also, i thought the atmosphere was really, really dull. but again, i've heard that it got better as the night progressed.

i just couldn't be fucked with it, really, and certainly couldn't be bothered hanging around till 3 in the morning just to catch half an hour of roll deep, especially as kano had been listed as playing for half an hour and then didn't...

captain easychord

i thought the vibes were wicked. kano's 5 minutes was disappointing to be sure, but roll deep alone were worth the price of admission (the played for about 45 minutes), everyone in the crew merked it, and kano and tinchy dropped bars as well. plus diplo held it down between sets, he played tinchy's ice rink back to back with pied piper, it was sick!

Logan Sama

Here's what I posted on Rwd forums after the event:

The Roll Deep stageshow was massive.

Full Entourage were reppin. Wiley did a few tunes from his old album and a couple of new ones. Trim and Scratch buss the dance doin a freestyle on Trim and Scratch beat. Godsgift and Wiley were spittin over that new Dexplicit beat.

Wiley did his new single on Ice Pole rmx, and then everyone jumped on the mic. Roach butted it up with an instant reload. Scratchy merked with B U N. Ghetto almost caused a riot when he spat "My mind works..." Huge reaction. Ruff Squad, Stamina, Big Seac and Manga also dropped some bars

Back 2 back bars for a wile and then Ghetto and Wiley started swinging it out on the mic. Ghetto got a lot of big forwards with some tight remix bars and his hype lyrics. Then Trim came in with Wiley and got a big reaction.

Heat Up instrumental got taken back from the edge and Ghetto and Kano tag teamed and again got a dumb reaction from the crowd who were goin mad.

It was massive as a stage show. No fights, just pure enjoyment and hype in the rave. And Wiley and Ghetto was bigging each other up so it wasn't on a bad mind vibe during the set.

I'm getting some video footage sent to me, but it's gonna be off a phone, so will probably be swag. But I'll upload it still.


Turd on the Run
Roll Deep set TORE UP Fabric. I drove down to Farringdon (therefore remaining completely sober) to meet a couple of mates who were already in there. Got in about a quarter of the way through the Roll Deep set and I thought it was excellent, one of the best shows of any kind I've seen. Scratchy tore it, Wiley tore it, Trim tore it. Then frippin Tinchy Strider, Dirty Danger and Slicks (I think) were on the mic! Couldn't believe it! Strider looks even smaller in real life, but sounds even better. It has to be said that Ghetto was THE energy source in the venue, absolutely dangerous - especially when Kano eventually turned up and they spit their trademark back to back lyrics. Also Big Seac was in attendance for NASTY, shame Sharky Major wasn't their too, but then I'm probably asking too much.
When that finished everything else in the venue just seemed flat and lifeless, but an hour later and who's on the main stage? Cameo and Essentials! Completely gobsmacked. Cameo absolutley caned it. Essentials doing the biz and I think Renegade Boys turned up too. Overall a wicked evening in my opinion; Fabric should certainly put more of these nights on the timetable. So great to hear grime productions blasting through that amazing system.
Still feel sorry for the guy eunquiring desperately about whether Klashnekoff had been on already or not - unfortunately I missed him too.
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Beast of Burden
sorry i didn't make it, dudes. i was absolutely in bits after a v busy week and then checking out recloose on thursday night (good, incidentally). fell asleep on the sofa and woke up 14 hours later!