RIP Tony Wilson


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I hate sentimental bollocks but I am none too happy about this. Tony Wilson is no longer extant, shit... shitty health service...:(


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I loved Tony Wilson for his flamboyance, unabashed pretnetiousness and the way his enthusiasm seemed like something from another planet in a city that loves to sneer (esp. at him!) and self-deprecate.

Without him, MCR in the 80s/90s would've been half the place it was.

First Gretton, now Wilson. A great man and I'm truly gutted.


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Fine words from Morley.

Factory became the great Manchester label; it had Joy Division and Happy Mondays - but mostly it celebrated provocative northern imagination.....

We used to make fun of Wilson and the mantle of grandeur he often assumed, but we knew that in his idiosyncratic and subversive way he was a great and important figure. Good things happened because he was around. This flamboyant, infuriating, pushy hybrid of light entertainer and anarchic Situationist was so in love with life, with music, with ideas, that he infected you with his passion.,,2146721,00.html#article_continue

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As a side note according to Kevin Cummins the Curtis biopic has got all wrong in tone. :(

Yeah, I heard that. 24Hr Party People is pretty much the definitive film of Factory i think, can't see this new film topping it. I still want to see it though.

RIP Tony, for all your faults, you repped and fought for your bands and your city, and you put your own money and sanity on the line to give them the space they needed to develop. Eternal respect to you.


Great records by OMD, ACR and of course New Order all have a place in my heart, and Peter Saville's work for the label was as good as record sleeves get. I have a poster with the True Faith falling leaf design on my wall now. It's sad to see the person that facilitated so much of this stuff go.


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As a side note according to Kevin Cummins the Curtis biopic has got all wrong in tone.

However bad Closer is, just imagine how much worse it might have been if Jude Law had got the role, as oriiginally mooted.