global financial crash yay!


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apologies if i missed this version of this debt jubilee narrative in this very long thread. - i know it’s very simple, but so am i.

once upon a time the system was trying to juggle a rubber ball and a faberge egg. the system didn’t want to drop either of them because things were going along very nicely. The problem was that although the rubber ball always bounced back after being crashed, no one knew what would happen if you dropped the faberge egg. So they continued juggling in the knowledge that probably if they dropped both the balls they could probably get science to fix the cracked egg, even if it meant by then the holocost of the ‘other’ half of the planet. But some naughty people decided to try and get popular and teach people what the original definition of charity is. They knew that because of the instability of the derivative market, you could tickle the system to drop just the rubber ball. They did this by persuading a small group (with popular support) too individually send letters of intent to default on thier morgages simultaneously, informing the creditors to collect the money from the government... because they intended to send their repayments there to pay for looking after the faberge egg. luckily because china has just taken out the largest loan ever, it would impact not just europe and the states but the whole world. and they all lived happilyish ever after.
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