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i'm sorry but its utter nonsense to say that comic book heroes didn't have the odd moment of doubting their own existence, its safe to say the person who wrote that hasn't read marvel comics in any depth whatsoever.
Please excuse the slight rewind to an earlier part of this thread.

I collected all of these when I was a lad. It was a Marvel UK production and ran to only 17 issues before petering out, but it was in effect the Marvel universe declaring it's own absurdity.
Hope I've still got them all somewhere cos they're worth £60 each apparently.


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Always liked Batman & Dr Fate.
YES!!! You just named the only two DC regulars that ever really grabbed me.

I've often thought it was a pity that Fate never really got a properly written arc the way so many other "re-invented" characters have.


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I can't decide whether you're The Joker and Craner's Batman or you're Batman, Barty's Robin and Craner's The Joker.