gremino - a mashup mashing up the mashup-mix


Moster Sirphine
This set was for a dj-competition.

It's an eclectic set containing uk garage, dubstep, jungle and more.

intro: syl johnson - right on
01. underground resistance - jupiter jazz [ur]
02. phuturistix - bad thoughts [hospital records]
03. dj mark flash - cachaca [ur]
acapella: two puerto ricans, a black man and a dominican - scandalous (percapella) [emi]
05. allstars - what about us (crazy dub)
06. teebone and the teara unit - not gonna stop (vocal mix) [solid city records]
07. red alert crew feat. 9mm, blade & silky - war (vocal mix) [defenders of younger world management]
08. slaughter mob - l'amour [hot flush]
09. d1 - i'm loving [tempa]
10. e moove feat. michael white - i hear music (soultronix mix) [focus recordings]
11. tubby - turbo shanty [soulja]
12. f1 - ?
13. scandalous unlimited - dark horse [destructive]
14. wizzkick - take me away [hardcore projekz]
15. deep blue - helicopter (2 bad mice remix) [moving shadow]
16. aladdin - so good (heavy mix)
17. high octave - roll the drums [time travel records]
18. criss b - ? [soapbar]
19. "the junglist vol.2" [f-project]
20. dj red alert & mike slammer - you are the one [slammin' vinyl]
21. dj h - love is [profilic heights]
22. dj shortstop - finga on da trigga [databass]
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there are no accidents
is me or is only one of those tracks a mashup? looks good all the same tho, like


Moster Sirphine
Ahh, there's no real mashups (expect the one acapella thing?). There was just a rule to name your mix with some catchy name, and I used the word 'mashup' because the set is eclectic :)