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You say "crabcore", I say "a wide open shot at a kick in the balls."


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I'm imagining him trailing a really long stringy poo along the ground, like a sort of terrestrial goldfish.
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The Postal Service were pretty bad (although I remember liking the original of this song) but they never deserved this:

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If you don't like these bands then you have no foresight, no critics took Black Metal or Rave seriously at the time, I think in 15 years you'll all be pretending you were loving crabcore.


Burning churches and painting and your face like Kiss left out in the rain is where it's at, baby!


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the other night i heard someone say, without a trace of irony, that "the test icicles were so much better than they thought they were"


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I can't believe the crabcore thing has taken off!

It was a joke started on the forums for shite webcomic Questionable Content. Just people taking the piss out of the stance in that 'Stick Stickly' video, fucking with wikipedia and tagging the fuck out of Attack Attack! on

But thanks at least partly to a muddled Guardian blog entry crabcore seems to have been misconstrued as something bands / fans use to describe the style themselves.


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It's strong evidence that Terrence McKenna's timewave zero novelty theory was correct.

The singularity is just around the corner.


the day today tonight
i try to play a range of music to my (currently preschool) kids and just know that no matter what kind of a good start i give them they're just gonna like tomorrow's emo / screamo / crabcore / whatever.

it's my biggest fear :eek:

i've thought about going all reverse psychology on them but it's a bit early for that yet.