"I thought "The Filth" by Grant Morrison was in places amazing... "
Dan passed me his copy of this and... well, it was ok but I couldn't get much out of it to be honest. I always struggle with reading comics though for some reason so what do I know?


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This thread got me sufficiently excited to re-read Seaguy and the second volume comes out in April. DC didn't want to publish it for ages, because its so offbeat and non-commercial. Great stuff.

His Flex Mentallo is also absolutely fucking corking. Homage to all those weird Charles Atlas ads that used to be in the Marvel and DC superhero comics of my childhood. Wonderful stuff. Seems to be available to download quite readily if any of you are interested. Flush away the turd that is the cinematic Watchmen with some proper comics fun!


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I thought "The Filth" by Grant Morrison was in places amazing... I think I came to The Invisibles a bit late to appreciate it.

Also "Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron" by Daniel Clowes has a stunningly excellent beginning and ending.
like a velvet glove sort of sucks

confusion w/ no cohesion...

i think he didn't perfect that sort of shit til David Boring, which is a masterpiece...
thank for the recommendations guys. i shall endeavor to check some of those out.

Hey snap! Exactly my experience. I read the first few Warriors out of order, but managed to pull together a full set eventually and even got a subscription - and then there was that terrrible two year gap between bits of V for Vendetta, when it stopped publishing...
yeah i remember finding issue 3 first and having my mind blown. then finding issue 2 in a little backwater newsagent in Lyme Regis sometime later, etc. y'know when i think about it i probably had at least as much fun and excitement searching for comics when i was a kid as records as an adult. in fact probably more.
well looks like this thread is dead now, but i finally saw the film and thought i might as well record my first impressions.

overall i enjoyed it, the time just flew by, the plot remained (just about) coherent behind all the visual pizazz. as expected at least 50% of what made the book great had to be jettisoned and even the ending had to be adjusted to simplify things. some of it was incredibly faithful the book, not just dialogue but also a lot of Dave Gibbons' original visual ploys were successfully translated. i don't think it was a bad movie. i even thought that Rorschach's death scene was superior to the comic version. and the dr.manhattan origin sequence was nicely done as were the scenes on Mars. still not sure if i liked the altered ending, but the destruction of NYC was pretty powerful stuff nontheless.

didn't like the gratuitous, over-stylised violence. did we need to see limbs being broken in fight scenes or the little girl's foot dangling off the end of the bone? i guess these things have to be rammed home for the blood-thirsty adult movie-goer. also the Dreyburg/Jupiter relationship was clumsy (in completely the wrong way) just seemed like an excuse for a sex scene - tho i'll admit the lady playing Laurie Jupiter was fucking HOT. Nixon's nose was indeed ridiculous. wasn't especially impressed by dr. manhattan's CGI physique either.

the actors were all pretty good, apart from Rorschach's voice. i dunno it just seemed a bit corny. not the way i heard him in my head at any rate. wasn't especially keen on Veidt either. but these things are always open to interpretation i guess. Comedian and Night Owl both very well handled by the actors concerned. great to see Matt 'Max Headroom' Frewer playing Moloch.

i know i'm a bit late seeing this but the theatre was very sparcely attended. anyone know how its being doing at the box office? i've heard of people walking out mid-way thro too.
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I don't give a f*** what ppl think man

that film is dope

yes the script is clumsy, yes hammy acting at times, yes it should've been in two parts, yes parts of it were dumbed down for the general public, yes it reached out to those who aren't nerds (most cinemagoers) lol...

but it was still a good film well designed to question one's own moral compass etc etc


even her mum was decent

I ain't read the comic book yet but besides whether it was faithful or not (and you could tell it wasn't) it was still good sci-fi but...


and Ozymandias knows about the dun kno (lol)

Sick Boy

All about pride and egos

even her mum was decent


and Ozymandias knows about the dun kno (lol)
This constitutes probably the best review of this movie I've seen so far.


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Saw this last night and it was the most boring three I'd spent in a long time.

It lacked any narrative drive and just hopped from one scene to the next. The sex scene was laughable, as was the blue dick. It has even put me off checking the book out.