End of European Civilization


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the thing that makes this especially funny is that Mark Steyn is Canadian.

I wrote about this article here.

I've also written pretty extensively about immigration and Europe and multiculturalism, if anyone's interested here are the links:

I've also got a new post that I've been sitting on for a bit, which I really should get around to finishing (it's already at 1500 words).


hey pearall i've just been reading yr books blog. i was suprised how interesting i found it. i really like it.


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johneffay said:
Not spent much time in Europe have you Dominic? Many European countries have absorbed diverse immigrants within the period of modern history and muslims have been arriving for ages.
i followed up some of the links that pearsall posted --

like this: http://www.livejournal.com/users/rfmcdpei/564805.html#cutid1 (which states, among other things, that France since the end of the Second Empire has absorbed proportionally as many immigrants as has the U.S. -- not sure if I believe that!)

and also this: http://www.livejournal.com/users/rfmcdpei/408410.html

in any case, whatever the reality of immigration in modern Europe, there's still the issue of popular perceptions and national concepts -- on which point pearsall's observations of the european mindset are consistent with my own

but yes, it would appear that i've been somewhat ignorant of the true extent of immigration in modern European countries


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that is, i think that muslim immigrants to america are much happier & feel more accepted than their counterparts in europe (despite the extra-legal excesses of the Bush administration in relation to the "terrorism" threat) -- i.e., muslim immigrants do very well in america

Just thought I'd pull this statement apart. There are comparatively few Muslims in the US - 1m or <0.5% of the population according to the most recent census. I don't know the breakdowns but I imagine this a mix of South Asians, Arabs, Turks, Persians, Malays, etc. There are more Amerindians in the US than Muslims.

Are they happier in the US? Maybe - but who cares?

Muslim populations for UK, France & Germany:
UK - 2.7% (largely from South Asia: Pakistan/Bangladesh/India)
France - 6% (largely Algerian)
Germany - 3.2% (largely from Turkey)

And the comments on their origin is quite important. Religion is a marker for ethnicity in UK, Germany, & France. But they're different ethnicities. Is a pan-European Islamic League likely? I dunno, apart from their religion - do Bangladeshis, Turks and Algerians have much in common? And is religion enough to hold them together?


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Hang on - Pearsall has already said all this and much more (much better) on his blog.

Go read.


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Are people on Dissensus familiar with Emmanuel Todd's book "After the Empire: The Breakdown of the American Order"?

-- I'm waiting for it to come out in paperback over here, but the reviews I've read of the book make it seem like a must-read . . . .


craner is more invested in the 'eurabia' thesis than ever of course. sufi cant wait for it to actually happen.


Within five years, America will be in a Depression that will make the thirties seem like a minor blip
All of this reveals that American fantasy is so robust that, not only has 9/11 had no impact upon it, it has actually reinforced it.
Goodnight Uncle Sam, keep dreaming your dreams....
the immortal mark fisher.


i, for one, am all for the end of european civilsation and am privileged to have a front row seat, right here in... settler ethnocracy.

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the immortal mark fisher.
I guess he was half right - the USA's economy is doing pretty well, and unless Trump is actually in jail 18 months from now, he's going to run for a second term and I wouldn't want to bet against him.

Of course his idiotic trade war with China could see the economy starting to go tits up before then.

Edit: I mean sure, MF was right in that there was a recession in the late noughts, but it was hardly worse than the Great Depression.
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