John Eden and Paul Meme present Lyric Maker (from England and Jamaica): an eighties d

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john eden said:
Streatham! :rolleyes:
Why, I was just looking at the Live and Love discography pages and it talked about the office being in Stoke Newington... there wasn't that much in the way of dodgy second hand motor traders on Streatham Hill, not like on Acre Lane, and certainly not like on Stamford Hill...

... secret tunnels between Hackney and Brixton innit...


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Big big thanks for this mix. Its revived my passion for reggae. Somewhat questioned my love of all things Jamaican when had the piss taken out of me repeatedly by my Jamaican boss. But it's the UK connection, seen...

john eden

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"warning" is well rude! I like it tho it does slip into that whole woman-as-harbinger thing a bit. Papa Levi post on uncarved soon come.

tapirs is essential bookmark stuff! I've helped out with some entries and scans. Wicked internerd community in action, innit?


1. Thriller U – Sweetest Sound (Digital B 1989)
2. Chuck Turner – Run Around Girl (Live & Love)
3. Cultural Roots - Running Back To Me (Live & Love)
4. Version (Live & Love)
5. Admiral Tibet – Leave People’s Business Alone (Techniques)
6. Cutty Ranks – Gunman Lyrics (Techniques)
7. Lui Lepke – Can’t Take Me Landlord (Joe Gibbs)
8. Gregory Isaacs – Storm (Penthouse 2002)
9. Warrior King – Education (Penthouse 2002)
10. Yellowman – Gregory Free (white label)
11. Gregory Isaacs – Raving Tonight (Virgin 1978)
12. Stalag intro (Techniques)
13. Stalag (Techniques)
14. Dilinger – Melting Pot (Techniques)
15. Johnny Ringo - Dedicated to Jah (Fashion 1985)
16. Asher Senator - Senator No Skin Up (Fashion 1985)
17. Reggie Stepper – Cu Oonoh (Techniques)
18. Top Cat – Push Up Your Lighter (9 Lives)
19. Peter Bouncer & The Offbeat Posse – Huff ‘n’ Puff (Y&D 1989)
20. Johnny Ringo - New Yorker (Fashion 1985)
21. Asher Senator - To Whom Respect is Due (Fashion 1985)
22. Johnny Ringo - Nice and Easy (Fashion 1985)
23. Asher Senator - Asher in Court (Fashion 1985)
24. Michigan & Smiley – Nice Up The Dance (Studio One/Soul Jazz)
25. Tippa Irie - All the Time the Lyric a Rhyme (UK Bubblers 1984)
26. Papa Levi - Big ‘n’ Broad (Island 1984)
27. Tippa Irie - Lyric Maker (UK Bubblers 1985)
28. Sleng Teng intro (Who’s Gonna Make the Dance Ram Dub) (Fashion 1985)
29. Andrew Paul – Who’s Gonna Make the Dance Ram (Fashion 1985)
30. Version (Who’s Gonna Make the Dance Ram Dub) (Fashion 1985)
31. Peter King – Step on the Gas (Fashion 1985)
32. Version (Fashion 1985)

That mix will return in zipped form soon, and will be followed by some serious 2000- onwards bashment riddim action!

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Lyric Maker mix should be back up on 1st April.

Seems like the bandwidth cost to get it back up this month will be a bit excessive for a week.

DJL mix will be back at the same time, probably zipped.

Bashment mix is sounding fine, probably be up for Beltane. More fire!