Roll Deep on Westwood


Taking History Too Far
luka said:
there's no chance of putting that onto computer, i wouldn't know where to begin, it's on cassette. i can't imagine you'll find it in the radio one archives, its from years ago, sorry. i spose i could tape it for you and you could put it onto dissensus, if i can find it, which might take a while

I could get it from cassette to PC I reckon... If you're up for sending a tape to Australia, PM me and I'll see if I can sort it out!


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i can't send any private messages my inbox is full and i don't want to delete anything
you can get me at blungblung at hotmail . com

Diggedy Derek

Stray Dog
Westwood- "so you're signed to Relentless now, damn that's a good look man"
Wiley- "Well it's an alright look, yeah"

Very funny this, very interesting too, well worth a listen. Downlod it from Nandi Lioness' link.


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"Goowan then goowan then goowan then draw for the Gatty
Burn out your mouth like a saltfish pattie
Got the machette will leave your t-shirt tatty
Make your belly look like a bowl of basmahti
Leave you with a sweaty forehead like a fatty (!)
Still wanna be a rudeboy like Ratty
Goowan then draw for the gatty"

Wiley was on Rinse last night having a go at Jammer, and using the 'goowan then' hookline to do it. Something about Jammer looking like a gremlin and trying to sound like DEE. I like the way Wiley hypes up MCs by using their trademark, then everyone gets to know the new MCs (like Roachee when-i'm-ere).


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Lioness, do you still have an mp3 of your set with Frampster and N Double A. It was really fucking good, but I lost it when I had a hard drive failure last week. Is there any chance you could re-up it?


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boy better know said:
yeah, that's skepta.

as i said, he merked it.


I just played it back. here's the mcs in the order they had the mic for the freestyles:

riko ("dead again soundboy dead again")
manga ("not any boy from anywhere chatting anything")
breeze ("i'm not a shotta love, i do a bit of music")
wiley ("cheat on your girl that's one more scar")
roachee ("don't wanna see your black face WHEN I'M 'ERE!")
trim ("mad sick headless, smoke weed til i'm restless")
scratchy ("EE-EE-EE-EE-EE")
skepta ("go on then go on then draw for the 'chete")
god's gift ("AOOWW! Which boy fi dead?")
riko ("my homey said dead that")
jme ("started the game, picked up a Q....SERIOUS!")
riko ("oi lethal, we're not equal")
sier ("It's sier b for bars")
riko ("call out me name dat a one ting")
roachee ("shank shank shank when i'm 'ere")
trim ("fuck lethal b and the freckle faced thing that moves with him")
breeze ("rudeboy i'll kick uranus to mars")

you've mixed up riko with gift at the end... i think they sound very different ("call out me name dat a one ting" gift)


Sorry for reviving a dead topic but I was just listening to the Roll Deep-Westwood thing and was taken by the riddim track. Sounds like a Danny Weed production, is it? Does it have a name? Was it released w/ vocal and such?



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when i'm ere, i think you mean, thats the really good danny weed one


Oh nah. The instru they spit over toward the end. The minimalist riddims always pull on the strings of my heart. S'why I'm pickin up Morgue remixes today ;)
MolexRoots said:
Oh nah. The instru they spit over toward the end. The minimalist riddims always pull on the strings of my heart. S'why I'm pickin up Morgue remixes today ;)

erm I cant remember it but I think thats a reworked version thats gonna be on there LP as it had guitar on it and the original didnt. I know the original ft. Breeze, Wiley and J2K who blew them both totally off the track.