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  • Hi Dan, you may well remember me as gobshite du jour from the dubstep forum.

    Got a mate who's looking for work in some sort of music journo capacity, and remembered that you'd done some writing for the Guardian. She's just recently finished her degree and been acting editor (admittedly on no pay) for a nu rave rag, and she's done some pretty good articles on various forms of club music and got a sort of Charlie Brooker skew to her work.

    I seem to remember you saying you were working freelance, but I was wondering what was required to get work on the Guardian music blogs, is there someone to send a collection of writing to that she might get considered for some work?

    Realise it's probably quite a competetive market and not trying to take work off anyone, just trying to help out a mate. Any info would be much appreciated.


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