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  • yeah it's been removed for copyright violation - it was heartbroken that did it so it just directs you to a link to buy heartbroken on amazon... you will still be able to see the link and re-download it but no one else will.
    Link still works for me. You might need to login to mediafire to access it. Let me know if you can't access it and will reupload on sendspace
    hey mate hope you're well - i just spent about 3 days tracking down this mix that you've got on your blog:


    after i found a 12" of gemma fox might be in a recordshop.

    it was the first bassline mix i ever heard way back in 2007 and i remember thinking it was the best thing ever... me and about 4 mates became totally obsessed with it, favourites were tik tok ts7 remix, colours ft donaeo (best bars ever), magnet man wideboys remix and might be...

    would love to hear the mix again but link on your blog is dead... any chance of a re-up?? would make my week /month/maybe even year.
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