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Thread: Is 'The Classical' by The Fall racist?

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    It doesn't work for everyone though. Some people you're just like "fucking hell, just take the time to come up with something good and stop spitting out any old shit".
    I think with Autechre it just works because you just wake up and there's a new album. well ok not that quick but they don't tell you 9 months beforehand that they're releasing an album, which would probably tilt the way we view them. but the fall to me because I didn't live in the 80s they are dad rock cannon by now and so much inc has been spent on em.
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    I respect islamists

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    Whenever I've seen vids of their gigs they did seem to be exclusively attended by middle-aged blokes shouting "fucking love you, Mark!" and "he is not appreciated".

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    I think The Fall was the band John Peel played the most in his shows EVER.

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