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Thread: Scorsese is stupid

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    I saw it last night, would agree with that assessment, how it wraps up well towards the end. Can't say I preferred it to goodfellas or casino tho, but maybe that will change if I see it more. Part of the problem for me was how de niro looked so padded out as a young man. I couldn't suspend my disbelief. I was thinking it's weird that he chose all these old actors when he could have gone for younger ones, considering how much is being spent on the set design and costumes etc. But I guess he's a bit risk averse, and maybe he just wanted to work with all the old crew again. There was something very swansong about it all. Quite meta things going on I think, particularly how the end is so stretched out and fixated on death (thought it prob went on a bit).

    I also watched the departed again recently. It's such a bonkers film, so odd and uneven, but I still like it. Mark whalberg, what the fuck is going on there. And all their accents. Ray Winston's for fucks sake. What a weird film .

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    Quote Originally Posted by catalog View Post
    Mark whalberg, what the fuck is going on there.
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    my truffles are pristine

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