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Thread: Funky/London/UK House

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    (new ill blu production. (spoiler-it's rubbish)

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    Ill Blu's been doing most of his singles.

    (also hush)

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    Quote Originally Posted by CORP$EY View Post

    I was thinking of that famous mak and marcus set on Rinse (''it's not boring!'') but I'll take whatever you've got
    Turns out I did have this (life-changingly brilliant) set after all

    my little "funkytapes" mixcloud project coming along quite nicely, around 60 sets uploaded now but starting to run out, so if there's any old school heads lurking with functioning hard drives from that era here willing to share anything, would be appreciated.

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    I think this is the most suitable thread for this mix.... possibly?!

    Go Deeper - Money Anderson
    Westbound - Inxec & Droog
    The L Word (12" version) - Deniz Kurtel feat. Jada
    Yeah (Jay Shepheard remix) - Ooft!
    Big Boy - Ninetoes
    Ranzone - Anthony Ranz
    You & I - Fur Coat feat. Cari Golden
    F*** What They Say - Bruno Oliver
    Crazy (Jamie Jones remix) - Art Department
    Always Takes Me Higher - Groove Armada
    Kill Bill - Jack n Danny
    Around (Subb-an remix) - Noir & Haze
    The Feels (Walker & Royce remix) - Justin Martin
    We Are Child Of Love (Mario's Redub) - Mario Basanov
    Red Room - Dennis Ferrer

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    First mix I've done for a couple of years. Zero planning before I hit record, just hit a nice vibe, selecting on the fly and it turned out good so up it goes.

    Click here to see it on Mixcloud

    1. Chants - Apple
    2. Pulse vs Flex - Lil Silva
    3. Come over (Crazy Cousinz remix) - Estelle
    4. Anthem hype dub - Dubplate Wonder
    5. Gabrielle (Qualifide remix) - Emkyu
    6. The print - Fingaprint
    7. Pink Love (Ill Blu Remix) - H Two O feat. Zoe
    8. Feeline VIP - Roska
    9. Losing me (Hardhouse Banton remix) - Rachel M
    10. I'm right here (DJ Naughty Remix) - DJ MA1
    11. Round and round - Chuck Dem Gee
    12. House girls part 1 (remix) - Mad One
    13. The key - LR Groove
    14. Twiss - Fuzzy Logik
    15. Make your move - DJ Seany B feat. Monique Parris
    16. Sound - Scottie D
    17. Bongoshot - Champion
    18. Gone to a better place (D-Malice deep visions mix) - Roska
    19. Party Hard - Donaeo
    20. Tribal conga - Mad One
    21. Donnie - Moony
    22. Different lextrix - Mr Mageeka
    23. Hooked on you - Vboiz
    24. Tarantula - Ossie
    25. Mr Bandicoot - Funkystepz
    26. Windrush - Emvee
    27. Meltdown - Ill Blu
    28. Waisting time - Dubplate Wonder feat. Ava B
    29. You turn me on - Black Coffee feat. Bucies
    30. I've got that feeling - Dakar

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    Reading back a few pages, I agree that two of the aspects that made UK Funky so compelling was fun and sloppy/bashy/lo-fi quality. Like grime, the limitations of software, experience, professionalism (in some cases) made the genre all the more interesting. I've recently beein dipping back into making beats, but doing it on an iPad. I immediately found myself making UK Funky-influenced beats and tracks. It's the most fun, and it's doable using simple software. Sometimes limitations are a good thing :-)

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    Just here to post mix below... and resurrect this classic thread!

    Crazy (Jamies Jones remix) – Art Department
    Code – Truce
    Always Take Me Higher – Groove Armada
    Uncompromising – Adana Twins
    Forget – Matt.Joe
    Love Stream – Patrick Topping
    Selecao (feat. Shovell) – Mark Knight
    Boogieman – ANOTR
    Young Forever (Hugo Massien remix) – Michael Cantroit
    Never Talk to Aliens – Jesse Perez & DJ Mind
    Gonna Love Acid – Rob Gritton
    Tourist Trap (Jamie Jones ‘For Ryan’ remix) – Guy Gerber & Puff Daddy
    Haunted Girl Canyon – Henry Saiz
    Jack & The Beans – Max Chapman & No Artificial Colours
    Westbound – Inxec & Droog
    Chicken Legs – Jourdan Bordes
    The Feels (Walker & Royce remix) – Justin Martin
    Energy – Nightshift

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    Back with another one

    This one's back to back so no available track list. Deep / tech house..

    Definately some UK house in there, so I guess this thread is still most applicable

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    Just uploaded some old radio sets of mine... from 2011 onwards. Heavy on UK funky / UK bass with some deep house for warm up....

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    Latest installment....... a couple might be remembered from the very early days of funky!

    Jesus Creates Sound - Marlon D
    Spells of Yoruba (Kaytronik remix) - Gel Abril
    Walking on Thin Ice (Masters of Work mix) - Anane
    Don't Panic - DJ Gregory
    It Ain't Like That - Kalbata
    More (KiNK Remix) - Riva Starr
    Embago (Wookie Dub) - Afroganic
    Esona - Fiso Da Costa
    Sondela feat. Xolisa - David Mayer & Floyd Lavine
    Rainforest - DJ Champion
    Spook - Rivani
    The Legend of Papachango - Justin Martin & Sammy D
    unknown dubplate - unknown artist
    Kodjo - Manoo
    The Red Room - Dennis Ferrer
    La Baraka - Franck Roger
    Let it all Out - Crystal Bandito
    Hey Hey (DF's Attention Vocal Mix) - Dennis Ferrer
    Different Lekstrix - Mr Mageeka

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