bandz ahoy
MediaFire links never die!

This is excellent, I'm only 7 mins in but already don't know any of the tunes lol

It's funny/sad how as genres recede into history they can become about 10-15 tunes in your head, you forget about all the variety and you're left with the greatest hits. That's the difference with being engaged with a living breathing genre perhaps.

Anyhoo, scouring this thread also reminded me of this mix, a favourite of yore


Benny B

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Found the trackist for that mix

Eyes on you - Mad One and Preshus
Feeling Lonely - Jook 10
Seasick - DJ Naughty
Fire burning - DJ Naughty
Want you back - Rudimental
Something on your mind - GTE
Hard - Rhianna
Heartbreaker - Ill Blu
Kiss me there - Screama
Make me happy - Natasha Carver and Depeo
My body - Tanesha
Backseat - Funkystepz
Deep in the valley - Rudimental and MC Shantie
Trust you - Mz Bratt
Feeling you (Magaluf 2) - Mad One
Be your girl - Perempay and Dee
Show me love - Geeneus
Feel nice feel right - Scottie B
Fly away - Sophia Romain

Benny B

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I'm totally retired now. Apart from that Ravey New York mix I did as a one off I haven't touched deck for years and I was only ever a bedroom dj anyway. I'm very proud of me mixcloud though.