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Thread: Race, Gender , and Class

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agent Nucleus View Post
    it's interesting that the mother is only ever a partial object or fragment, never a subject. desire can only have an object but no subject. for example, the breast, or the mother's image in a mirror (this is what drives the Imaginary phase, which I guess would be roughly equated with the adolescent/anal stage in Freud's schema?) I agree the media panders to lower drives. I'm not sure if it addresses desire but drives for sure. It generates/produces drives in fact. You don't know you want something until you see it advertised, or at the mall, etc. i think we would agree that capitalism deadens the libido to some extent, or at least perverts it from natural objects onto images, products, celebrities, etc.
    By the by, just saw this really good post on Larval Subjects about Oedipus, anti-Oedipus, and such:

    In this regard, Deleuze and Guattari enact their own “return to Freud”, though one which certainly transforms Freud. As Freud had argued, the unconscious knows no negation, contradiction, opposition, or objects, but instead only knows connections and productions. This was the surprising result he had already attained in his early unpublished Project essay, where the functioning of the primary process becomes unmoored from any sort of representational realism or instinctual and natural relation to sexuality. Yet somehow all of this falls apart with the introduction of the Oedipus where, instead of relating to partial objects and flows, the primary attachment becomes an attachment to fully formed objects (the father, mother, brother, sister, etc.). Nonetheless, Deleuze and Guattari do not give much in the way of an analysis of just how these paralogisms are possible from the standpoint of active and affirmative desire. Here we would need to look to Nietzsche and Philosophy, as well as, I believe, the work of Lacan. We can thus think of the relationship between schizoanalysis and Lacanian psychoanalysis as being like two sides of a severed egg. The latter explores the domain of the actual and all of its illusions, coupled with their genesis and strategies for escaping these sad passions premised on an installed lack and castration (for Lacan it was always a question of moving beyond these things as I argue in my post on the Borromean knots), whereas Deleuze and Guattari explore the productive realm of the unconscious and its desiring-machines perpetually manufacturing the real.

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    Wow. I was in love and didn't realize it. Jesus, LMAO, <grumble> If I'd never been raped under anesthetic on that operating table at Grady Memorial, who knows how things would have turned out?!

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