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    i guess i forgot to fill you in.

    this is a gang. we are smashing/minimizing windows.
    we are breaking/entering and remodeling airplanes.
    we are getting matching jackets.
    and maybe purple laces for our boots.

    does that work for you?

    hey failed to mention earlier that a friend of mine is having b-day tomorrow at a fun location and i'll be the boogie down instigator.

    31.01 @ the Edelweis, on Görlitzer Str.
    actually in the park -- just walk in and you won't miss it.
    here is venue website: http://fresh.free.fr/edelweiss/

    22:00. password is: "Schwarzanteil"

    if you get lost (or would like to discuss current policies of the EU), give me a ring.
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