1. V

    Short Stories.

    I recently read Labyrinths (Borges) and Father Sergius (Tolstoy) and it was incredibly refreshing after clinging to novels for an extended period. There's something really satisfying about someone being able to tell a story that cleanly, to hold off the sprawl and lay it all out in just a few...
  2. woops

    John Wizards

    This mix is the best new thing I've heard for ages. Africa goes electronica It really kicks off at 18.09 I reckon.
  3. B

    Yaala Yaala and authenticity Interesting stuff, and the Pekos/Yoro Diallo disc is killer. Does "grit equal authenticity" though? I know someone going to Mali in the very near future, so may ask her to pick up a few random cassettes for me.... if it's anything like...