1. K

    Los Angeles: 8/11/13: The Panambient Angeles

    730-11 Amplyfi Music / 5617 1/2 Melrose Ave, LA, CA 90038 $10 All ages For its 9th year, the Pan Ambient event series takes a turn to Southern California, focusing light and sound through the prism that is the eyes and ears of Los Angeles. This is a study in slow end theory bringing together...
  2. K

    (mix) Gunshae: The Way of the Gun (Lessons One & Two) for the 11:11 Agency

    If you’re just tuning in… where have you been? We’re releasing 11 podcasts in the month of November, one everyday from the 1st to the 11th. Oh, you’re welcome. It’s our pleasure, really. For the 7th podcast of our November’s Eleven podcast series, we continue the northbound road trip from...
  3. slim jenkins

    Astro Infinity - Space Age Sounds

    Yes, another mix. If you have time...and might enjoy it.
  4. T

    NOT IN MY NAME - EP.ONE - Out now on UK Trends

    UKTRNDZ 002 Not In My Name - EP.ONE - UKTRNDZ 002 UK Trends 1. Unbreathed 2. Glass 3. Slung Fire 4. Scatter The second release on UK TRENDS is a 4 track EP from Not In My Name. Midway through 2008 Not In My Name introduced themselves onto the electronic music scene with an inspired 60...
  5. bruno

    mid 90s ambient techno

    sorry, not a very exciting thread title. anyway, after the original blueprints came a more introspective, darker version of the sound that could be almost new-ageish at times (not a good thing). but there are a couple of gems. i'm thinking of tournesol's kokotsu, the apollo II compilation, a...