1. haji

    Apartheid in the EU

    this is a nice report, mostly based on documentation from the various euro bodies that are planning and implementing the process This story has been all over today, Scientists Decry "Flawed" and "Horrifying" Nationality Tests...
  2. padraig (u.s.)

    Immigration (Legal & Non)

    feelings-wise I'm pro-both, generally. ningún ser humano es ilegal, after all. but talking in practical IR/political/& especially economic terms. don't intend this to be solely U.S./Mexico, but in general. after all it perhaps even a bigger/more contentious issue in Europe, even if you guys...
  3. haji

    Thomas Mapfumo refused entry to UK

    http://news.independent.co.uk/uk/this_britain/article1207646.ece I heard in the past Konono had visa problems, and of course there was that accusation that Papa Wemba was a people-smuggler? :mad: shame
  4. haji

    Tagging Asylum Seekers

    did you know that ALL new asylum seekers to the UK are now being fitted with electronic tags, so they are efectively under curfew (unless they can prove medical condition or being a torture victim) this scheme was pilotted over the last few months and is rolled out NOW. The immigration system...
  5. haji


    As another Home Secretary bites the dust... It amazes me that (im)Migration comes up at the top of the list of issues of concern to the british populace. it astounds me that our society allows the issue to be a political football, the reactive way that the govt addresses and re-addresses the...