this is a nice report, mostly based on documentation from the various euro bodies that are planning and implementing the process
Neoconopticon ch13 - R&D for global apartheid said:
Frances Webber has observed that “The number of deaths at sea ought to have reduced dramatically as a result of such intensive surveillance of sea traffic by the EU border patrols, the armed forces of Europe and of the southern Mediterranean.
But the numbers drowned, or listed as ‘missing’, continue to rise, despite – or in some cases because of – surveillance and interception”.156 With companies like Boeing and EADS winning highly lucrative contracts in countries like the USA and
Saudi Arabia, the idea that the EU needs to subsidise growth in this area seems exaggerated to say the least. The R&D spend seems designed instead to meet the EU’s own policy objectives. Since 1993, the anti-racist organisation UNITED has maintained a list of documented deaths at the hands of ‘Fortress Europe’.157 It currently stands at 13,250 (the actual number of deaths is inevitably much higher). If there is a role for the subsidy of R&D in this fi eld, it should surely start with the principle of increasing safety at sea. Though as UNITED says, if 13,250 deaths doesn’t prick Europe’s conscience, what will?

This story has been all over today,
Scientists Decry "Flawed" and "Horrifying" Nationality Tests
Frances again said:
The use of science to enforce legal distinctions between people has a bad history. Apart from the inevitable echoes of eugenics, Nazis and apartheid, in Britain, the imposition of virginity testing on wives from the Indian subcontinent in the late 1970s led to picketing of Heathrow airport, and the use of X-rays to determine children's ages was discredited as dangerous as well as unreliable.

True, volunteering a strand of hair or a snip of fingernail or a spit of saliva is obviously not as degrading as virginity tests nor as physically dangerous as X-raying children. And DNA testing is now routinely used by applicants to prove that the children they are seeking to bring in to the country are their own. But the voluntary nature of submission is questionable: As with ID cards, refusal to cooperate is bound to lead to enhanced suspicion and refusal of the application.

Quite apart from the commonplace indignity of never simply being believed, of always being forced to prove the obvious, the danger of these tests lies in their incapacity to establish precisely the fact that is being tested, which, as previously mentioned, is a legal, not a biological category. Many British citizens, born and bred in far-flung corners of the world, would 'fail' a human provenance test.

now don't get me wrong here,
i would say i'm pro-Yurp, (i'm loving rubbing in that we shoulda joined the euro when we had the chance) but the main impact of opening the borders seems to have been negative, played out on the bodies of non-EU wretched of the earth

see here:
بدون سرحد said:

* Wednesday 30 September

Eritrean Squat evicted.
This morning around 7:30 seven CRS vans turned up at the Eritrean squat. They arrested 15 people, but 30 or 35 managed to escape, or they had papers. After the CRS emptied the building they put a big fence all around the building. Police and workers are there to keep an eye on the place.


Hunger Strike starts today at 12

In response to the brutal destruction of the ‘jungle’ migrant camp in Calais by French authorities, around 30 people demonstrated yesterday near the French Embassy in Knightsbridge, London.

* Tuesday 29th September

As of 9am French time today 11 migrants in Calais started a highly visible hunger strike in the port area.

The migrants, from regions including Iran, Afghanistan, Sudan, Palestine, and Egypt, say they will continue the strike until Western countries co-operate to offer them asylum. They are also demanding that no migrant in Calais is readmitted to Greece, Italy or Malta.

The migrants face constant harassment from police. Every day some amongst their number are arrested, taken to the police station only to be released in four to six hours. Occasionally they are held for as long as two days. Repression intensified recently with the destruction of the jungle where many migrants lived, the trigger-happy use of tear gas including on pregnant women, destruction of personal belongings and the targeting of migrants observing fasting during Ramadan by arresting them at nightfall and throwing away their food. If the police try to separate the hunger strikers or arrest them on spurious grounds, they say they will continue the hunger strike while under arrest and move again to a public space to continue the action when freed.

No Borders activists are already supporting the hunger strikers by standing alongside them, but the migrants are calling for support from all over the world. Messages of support can be left at and the hunger strikers welcome anyone who wants to join the hunger strike in solidarity whether in Calais or elsewhere.

Benjamin, 38, an asylum seeker from Iran, says: “The police tell us we cannot be here but we have nowhere to go. The world is ignoring us so we are making our suffering public by going on hunger strike in full view. Tourists moving through the port and exercising their freedom of movement will be forced to see our lack of freedom until Western governments work together to offer us somewhere to build a new life safely.”

With migrants facing increasing repression and winter approaching, the situation is urgent. But they say Western countries should not abrogate their responsibilities by readmitting migrants to the first European country they were fingerprinted in. Many migrants who are readmitted to Italy, Greece and Malta say the situation is much worse there than living clandestinely in Calais and that they are oppressed there. In Greece, readmitted migrants are often locked up for three months and increasingly for six months. On release, migrants still have nowhere to go and continue to be targeted by police who beat them and sometimes rip up their papers. Readmission is not the solution according to the hunger strikers – countries including the UK, Canada, USA and Sweden should take a proportion of the hunger strikers.
i'm hearing worse stories from people who were in calais last weekend
if any london/south folks want to send stuff, support or cross the channel get in touch


Yeah, but that's a (very) good thing. Bummer if you're a tourist, of course (and Paris had the most expensive beer of any place I've ever visited).


I have been to Norway, but I was five.

As for the cheap pound, well, it's good for exporters and soveriegn debt. That's probably about it, but it's not trivial. I'm sure Ireland would kill to be in our position.


I mean, currency devaluation is the classic depression busting, neighbour beggaring, pesky-imbalance correcting policy. I'm fully signed up.


on account
Yeah, but that's a (very) good thing. Bummer if you're a tourist, of course (and Paris had the most expensive beer of any place I've ever visited).

Seconded, I was there a couple of months ago & it was around 8 euros a pint. Comical. Food was expensive too.


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Seconded, I was there a couple of months ago & it was around 8 euros a pint. Comical. Food was expensive too.

(sigh) So whaddya reckon for daily spend (minus accom.) if you just do all the obvious touristy versailles/louvre/eiffel/notre dame thing and don't drink much or go clubbing? My friends say 50 Euros a day but I fear this may be underestimate.


rip this joint please
i've only ever been through the outskirts of Paris (my time in France has been limited to various provincial northern towns or the coast) so this may be a very stupid question: aren't there loads of bars where you can get reasonable plonk for very little? (i mean, compared to the robbery you're all reporting for a glass of Krony.)

just wondering. thanks.


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i've only ever been through the outskirts of Paris (my time in France has been limited to various provincial northern towns or the coast) so this may be a very stupid question: aren't there loads of bars where you can get reasonable plonk for very little? (i mean, compared to the robbery you're all reporting for a glass of Krony.)

just wondering. thanks.

i'm counting on this


rip this joint please
failing that Cracker, just unloose your coin at the off-license each morning on a bottle of absinthe.

the day should then fly by ;)

Mr. Tea

Shub-Niggurath, Please
Who the hell goes to France to drink beer? You don't go to Yorkshire for the pinot noir, do you?

Book into a hostel or cheapo hotel and stock up on plonk from the hypermarché. Or wait till your parents move there and pop over every now and again to abuse their hospitality. Works for me. :D
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32 organizations denounce *
From: RESF International <>

After Calais, the French and British authorities are preparing a charter for Kabul

A "charter" Franco-British is scheduled for October 6 flights to Kabul. While the humanitarian and security continue to deteriorate in Afghanistan, the NGOs as the Secretary General of UN expressed particular concern about the situation, France and Great Britain are trying, as in the month of November 2008, a joint operation. Afghanistan is a country at war. It is unacceptable to refer those that have fled to seek protection in Europe.

In France, the Immigration Department laughs at the decisions of courts of different regions that have released 130 of the 138 Afghans who had been arrested September 22 in order of their distance during the "closure" spectacular more "jungle" of Calais. These courts have highlighted the futility of this media operation and reiterated the rule of law and fundamental freedoms of persons. Several tribunals have also canceled orders of deportation for failure to respect the right to seek asylum.

The government does not care and remains locked in his rhetoric of the 'draft', that Afghans, Eritreans, Iraqis, Iranians, Sudanese, etc.. would not come to Europe to save their lives and their freedoms, but for reasons of pleasure and comfort: The current raids are believed to carry messages disincentive in countries of origin. So are hostages of Afghans from Calais to try to dissuade their fellow victims of violence in the country.

The "cleansing" continues and more than fifty Afghans were again detained last week. The "joint charters, which are contrary to the principle of prohibition of collective expulsion, leading to arbitrary practices, discriminatory and inhuman punishment in violation of fundamental human rights.

We urge the French and British authorities to abandon any plans to deportation to Afghanistan and underline the need to mobilize to prevent all this collective expulsion, which would seriously endanger the lives of these exiles.

We reaffirm the urgency to make sense of asylum in Europe by providing a mechanism to refugees seeking protection in the country of his choice. In the meantime, the France can and must suspend the application of the Dublin Regulation to host on its territory who continue to flee conflict and take refuge in Europe.

On October 5, 2009

ACAT (Action by Christians against Torture), ADDE (Advocates for the rights of aliens), ANAFE (National Association of border assistance for foreigners), PAL (Association of Home to doctors and health workers Refugees in France), Primo Levi Association, Inn of migrants (Calais), CAAR (Committee to Aid Refugees - Bois-Colombes), Calais Migrant Solidarity, C'SUR (Calais), Cimade, Collective Migrants (Dunkirk), Solidarity Collective Migrants (Angres), collective support of the exiles (Paris), comedy (Committee medical aid to the exiles), ELENA (European Legal Network on Asylum), Emmaus France, Federation of Mutual Aid Protestant, Flanders Fields Solidarity, GAS (Group Home and Solidarity), GISTI (Group Information and support for immigrants), Roaming (Cherbourg), LDH (League of Human Rights), MRAP (Movement against Racism and for Friendship among Peoples ), PCF (French Communist Party), RESF (Network Education Without Borders), SAF (Union of Lawyers of France), Salam (Calais), Salam (Dunkirk), Catholic Relief Services, Union of Magistrates (DM), Terre d ' Wandering (Norrent-Fonts), Land of Wandering (Steenvoorde) Roof of the World (Orleans)

Cimade Julie Chansel 06 82 24 03 47 julie.chansel @ lacimade.orgHYPERLINK "mailto: @ julie.chansel" julie.chansel @

32 organisations* dénoncent

Après Calais, les autorités franco-britanniques préparent un charter pour Kaboul

Un « charter » franco-britannique serait prévu pour le 6 octobre à destination de Kaboul. Alors que les conditions humanitaires et de sécurité ne cessent de se dégrader en Afghanistan, que les ONG comme le Secrétaire général des Nations unies se déclarent particulièrement préoccupés par la situation, la France et la Grande-Bretagne tentent, comme au mois de novembre 2008, une opération conjointe. L'Afghanistan est un pays en guerre. Il est inacceptable d'y renvoyer ceux qui s'en sont enfuis à la recherche d'une protection en Europe.

En France, le ministère de l'Immigration se moque des décisions des tribunaux de différentes régions qui ont remis en liberté 130 des 138 Afghans qui avaient été interpellés le 22 septembre, en vue de leur éloignement, lors de la « fermeture » spectaculaire de la plus grande « jungle » de Calais. Ces juridictions ont mis en évidence l'inanité de cette opération médiatique et ont rappelé le respect du droit et des libertés fondamentales des personnes. Plusieurs tribunaux administratifs ont par ailleurs annulé des arrêtés de reconduite à la frontière au motif du non-respect du droit de demander l'asile.

Le gouvernement n'en a cure et reste enfermé dans sa rhétorique de l'« appel d'air », selon laquelle Afghans, Erythréens, Irakiens, Iraniens, Soudanais, etc. ne viendraient pas en Europe pour sauver leur vie et leurs libertés, mais pour des raisons d'agrément et de confort : les rafles actuelles seraient supposées porter des messages dissuasifs dans les pays d'origine. C'est ainsi que sont pris en otages des Afghans du Calaisis pour tenter de dissuader leurs compatriotes victimes des violences au pays.

Les « opérations de nettoyage » se poursuivent et plus d'une cinquantaine d'Afghans ont été à nouveau placés en rétention la semaine dernière. Les « charters conjoints », qui sont contraires au principe d'interdiction des expulsions collectives, conduisent à des pratiques arbitraires, discriminatoires et inhumaines, au mépris des droits fondamentaux des personnes.

Nous appelons instamment les autorités françaises et britanniques à renoncer à tout projet d'expulsion vers l'Afghanistan et insistons sur la nécessaire mobilisation de tous pour empêcher cette expulsion collective qui mettrait sérieusement en danger la vie de ces exilés.

Nous réaffirmons qu'il est urgent de rendre son sens au droit d'asile en Europe en prévoyant un mécanisme permettant à tout réfugié de solliciter une protection dans le pays de son choix. En l'attente, la France peut, et doit, suspendre l'application du règlement de Dublin afin d'accueillir sur son sol les personnes qui continueront à fuir les conflits pour trouver refuge en Europe.

Le 5 octobre 2009

*Organisations signataires : ACAT France (Action des chrétiens contre la torture), ADDE (Avocats pour la défense des droits des étrangers), ANAFE (Association nationale d'assistance aux frontières des étrangers), APSR (Association d'Accueil aux médecins et Personnels de Santé Réfugiés en France), Association Primo Levi, Auberge des migrants (Calais), CAAR (Comité d'aide aux réfugiés - Bois-Colombes), Calais Migrant Solidarity, C'SUR (Calais), Cimade, Collectif Migrants (Dunkerque), Collectif Solidarité Migrants (Angres), Collectif de soutien des exilés (Paris), COMEDE (Comité médical d'aide aux exilés), ELENA (European Legal Network on Asylum), Emmaüs-France, Fédération de l'Entraide Protestante, Flandre Terre Solidaire, GAS (Groupe Accueil et Solidarité), GISTI (Groupe d'information et de soutien des immigrés), Itinérance (Cherbourg), LDH (Ligue des droits de l'homme), MRAP (Mouvement contre la racisme et pour l'amitié entre les peuples), PCF (Parti communiste français), RESF (Réseau Education sans frontières), SAF (Syndicat des avocats de France), SALAM (Calais), SALAM (Dunkerque), Secours catholique, Syndicat de la magistrature (SM), Terre d'errance (Norrent-Fontes), Terre d'Errance (Steenvoorde)

... while you discuss the effect of the euro on yr boozecruise, afghans are disappearing silently and very fast