invent neocon strategies

  1. connect_icut

    Osama Bin Laden dead

    Blimey! (Official announcement timed to coincide with Trump's Celebrity Apprentice)
  2. T

    Ethnologies of internal intelligence/homeland security

    Not sure if this is really the correct section for this. I'm doing research for a fictional film that deals, in part, with the massive, largely top-secret security system that's sprung up in the U.S. since 9/11. My aim is to contrast the mundane, day-to-day bureaucratic activities of the low...
  3. IdleRich

    News of the World phone hacking scandal

    Don't think there is a thread on this yet but it looks as though it's finally all starting to come back and bite them on the ass. Should be good fun to watch all this come out. Main thing though is, what the fuck have the police being doing, it's been clear from the start that there was more...
  4. S


    a little premature, and there are already other threads that are zesty, but, hey...
  5. sufi

    Apartheid in the EU

    this is a nice report, mostly based on documentation from the various euro bodies that are planning and implementing the process This story has been all over today, Scientists Decry "Flawed" and "Horrifying" Nationality Tests...
  6. B

    The press release hall of shame thread

    I see you... "Dear Martin We are band Longital from the Central Europe, trying to change the world by playing music." Who can raise me?
  7. luka

    Invent Neo-Con strategies

    the neo-cons are the most fun bunch of politicians in living memory, those guys have got big balls, they've got vision and the will to see those visions become reality outflank the neo-cons, preempt their policies... invent your own neo-con strategies, the more bold the better Build mosques...