1. Corpsey

    What is 'Corpsey's Law'?

    I noticed this tag in the autechre thread and clicked on it and loads of threads are tagged with it I'm not angry just curious
  2. Corpsey

    The Middlebrow

    Luka tosses this word around like a stanley knife in my face from time to time (and cudgels me with "kitsch") and I want to pin him down on what it means. Does it mean aspiring to be highbrow but not being sufficiently ... something enough? Is it a word for pseduo-deep, pseudo-intellectual...
  3. S

    The Cultural Ramifications of Masturbation

    During the Dematerialisation thread music journalist and author Simon Reynolds kept insisting we bring the discussion back to masturbation (something he has since denied). Out of respect and sheer bewilderment we ignored it at the time, but is a rather fruitful topic of conversation. The...