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I noticed this tag in the autechre thread and clicked on it and loads of threads are tagged with it

I'm not angry just curious


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version coinced it, it's the dynamic you pointed out somewhere that every thread eventually becomes about autechre. at one point i thought it would be funny to tag every thread they were mentioned in with it, as it would obviously become the biggest tag....... but quickly realized that doing so would be a ton of work and not even actually funny to begin with. but by then it was already the biggest tag.
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Oh I see

So it is about wanking, in a way :sneaky:
i dunno man... i just REALLY think you should apologize for this remark. to be honest, it's completely over the line and offensive. quite frankly i don't think any of us understand why you thought it would be acceptable to make such a comment.
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Yeah, it's Godwin's Law applied specifically to Dissensus and about Autechre instead of Hitler.


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