corpsey why are you so thick

  1. Corpsey

    What is 'Corpsey's Law'?

    I noticed this tag in the autechre thread and clicked on it and loads of threads are tagged with it I'm not angry just curious
  2. V

    Tokyo Olympics

    Anyone watching? I don't think I've ever been able to deliberately follow an Olympic Games, I forget it's on and just stumble across certain events on TV or in the news.
  3. luka

    google street view

    i got really into this when i was discovering Poplar earlier in the year. i was using it to get pictures of buildings i couldnt find with an image search and i realised you could make some lovely pictures with it. it reminded me of how people imagined cyberspace before cyberspace became mostly...
  4. V

    J. H. Prynne

    One for luka to do something with tomorrow. He's telling me to buy his big, yellow book.