benny and benny drinking

  1. padraig (u.s.)

    The Republican War on Transgender People, Drag Queens, and Queerness in General

    certainly deserves its own thread there are so many pieces of proposed state legislation - 97 was the last count I saw - to ban gender-affirming care for minors (and not just minors, as some proposed laws extend the age past 18), ban trans kids from playing sports, and outlaw drag performances...
  2. luka

    Beer And Beer Drinking

    A few years ago i lost the ability to drink beer. i just couldn't do it. it wouldn't go down. i was never a big fan anyway. it's gassy, there's too much of it, you have to piss every five minutes, it's very unsexy, doesn't even look attractive, plus, and this is one of the big mysteries in my...