1. echevarian

    Echevarian - Driftless Mix Vol 6 (Hardcore, Jungle, Breakstep, Classic Techno)

    Kush Jones - Dub Type Midimiliz - Feet In The Air Fjaak & J. Manuel - XoXp0rt Force Mass Motion - Esthisis Wax Doctor & Jack Smooth - What's Going On Special Request - Vortex 150 Mani Festo - The Reaper (K-65 Remix) dj genderfluid - acid warehouse tea Wax Doctor - Protoplasm Bigod 20 -...
  2. T

    Threnody - The Science of Silence LP [UK Trends]

    UK Trends is proud to present the debut LP from Threnody, The Science of Silence. Alien textures are offset by precise drum science and bass that puts a warped looking glass on the underground post-garage music landscape. The album also draws on Threnody’s love of modern classical music with...
  3. T

    [Out Now] Threnody - Blunted EP (UK Trends)

    previews up at Threnody - Blunted EP - (UK Trends) - UKTRNDZ 008 1. Be There 2. Metamorphic 3. Blunted After an 11 month hiatus UK Trends returns with a storming EP from Threnody. Balancing dancefloor destruction with evolving melodies and glitched out beats the EP packs a punch at raves...
  4. W

    Wascal - Attention Defecit EP (Rocstar Records)

    Wascal - Attention Defecit EP clips are up exclusively on JunoDownload. Full release on Cut La Roc's Rocstar label on 7/3/10 [/shameless promo]
  5. T

    NOT IN MY NAME - EP.ONE - Out now on UK Trends

    UKTRNDZ 002 Not In My Name - EP.ONE - UKTRNDZ 002 UK Trends 1. Unbreathed 2. Glass 3. Slung Fire 4. Scatter The second release on UK TRENDS is a 4 track EP from Not In My Name. Midway through 2008 Not In My Name introduced themselves onto the electronic music scene with an inspired 60...