Threnody - The Science of Silence LP [UK Trends]



UK Trends is proud to present the debut LP from Threnody, The Science of Silence.

Alien textures are offset by precise drum science and bass that puts a warped looking glass on the underground post-garage music landscape. The album also draws on Threnody’s love of modern classical music with lush orchestral scoring running through the album and vocal cuts taken from speeches by John Cage, Stockhausen and Arvo Part.

The album switches between ambient, spacious and blissful workouts through to rough, bass heavy bombs but all underscored with a characteristic sound searching out the contrasts in bitcrushed, distorted drums and pure, clean melodies.

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DJ support from Plaid (Warp), Rob Booth (Electronic Explorations), Starkey (Ninja Tune), Roko (Sub FM), Ursa (The Centrifuge) and many more...

Out 07/11/2011

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