1. T

    T_! (macabre)- 100% unreleased business - 140 BPM- Getdarker Exclusive

    140 - T_! - 100% FRESHNESS MAY 2015 - 3 DECKS - GETDARKER EXCLUSIVE http://getdarker.com/audio/t_-exclusive-3-deck-all-dubplate-mix/ TRACKLIST T_! - Slippin' Mikael - Shut Sleeper - Kaya The Illuminated - De_dust 2 K Man - Cloud Surfer T_! - Caxton Point Sepia - Amber Sleeper - Dub From Future...
  2. T

    Threnody - The Science of Silence LP [UK Trends]

    UK Trends is proud to present the debut LP from Threnody, The Science of Silence. Alien textures are offset by precise drum science and bass that puts a warped looking glass on the underground post-garage music landscape. The album also draws on Threnody’s love of modern classical music with...
  3. Viral Radio

    UK bass music documentaries

    I have seen the thread on music documentaries, but for a festival in Amsterdam I am looking for perhaps the less known documentaries on UK bass music. There are quite some BBC and VPRO bits on YouTube on jungle and dubstep, but are there any good ones on African Head Charge, Bandulu, Dreadzone...
  4. T

    [Out Now] Threnody - Blunted EP (UK Trends)

    previews up at Threnody - Blunted EP - (UK Trends) - UKTRNDZ 008 1. Be There 2. Metamorphic 3. Blunted After an 11 month hiatus UK Trends returns with a storming EP from Threnody. Balancing dancefloor destruction with evolving melodies and glitched out beats the EP packs a punch at raves...
  5. E

    11/12 Eyes Down Launch Party @ Korsan Club w/ JAM CITY [Night Slugs] free before 11!!

    EYES DOWN LAUNCH NIGHT - DECEMBER 11TH @ KORSAN CLUB, KINGSLAND ROAD, E2 FACEBOOK EVENT - http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=153224344722906 COME AND JOIN US ON WHAT IS SET TO BE A BIG NIGHT! ____________________________________________________________________...
  6. L

    Jukebox presents Loefah..LDN 20/11

    We're starting a new night in LDN this coming Saturday (20/11) at Cafe1001 just off Brick Lane, called Jukebox, with the first one being headlined by Loefah, with support coming from Moxie and boomnoise. It's free to get in, runs from 6pm to 12am so quite an early one :) Music policy is...
  7. D

    Dubspot Video Tutorials ‘Dubstep Style Composition’

    LA-based Dubspot Instructor, Ableton Expert, and electronic music producer Steve Nalepa takes us step by step through the process of creating a dubstep style track in Ableton Live (these techniques can be used for any style – not just dubstep.) In part 1, Nalepa starts with a basic beat, uses...
  8. R

    ripley's latest: juke jungle booty crunk dubcore etc.. "Bass, Wobs & Zaps"

    ripley's latest: juke jungle booty crunk dubcore etc.. "Bass, Wobs & Zaps" Hello all. I've been playing around with integrating juke into my live sets for a while, and finally got around to memorializing that in a mix, as usual, torn apart and reconstituted with lots of other bootyshaking beats...
  9. E

    London - Sun City, Old Skool Garage @ If Bar, Ilford

    Celebrating our own old skool reunion.. Saturday 12th June If you were there from 1996 - 2000 then you know exactly what to expect, for the new generation this is the ULTIMATE RUSH with a dj and mc line up SECOND TO NONE!!! This night WILL SELL OUT so make sure you have your tickets WELL IN...
  10. K

    (mix) Kuma: Hymns For The Explosive

    Kuma: Hymns For The Explosive http://www.divshare.com/download/11192678-36b :Kuma: :Hymns For The Explosive: Thomas Fehlmann: Falling Into Your Eyes Florence and The Machine: Dog Days Are Over: Breakage Remix Jus Wan: Connect Daega Sound: The Way Cosmetics: The Thief Chaser Infiltrata...
  11. E

    2nd May 2010, Garage Nation @ Indigo2 - Back after 7 years!

    Bank Holiday SUNDAY 2ND MAY 2010 (No Work Monday!) Over 18s Last entry to O2 is 2am for this event not 1am! Tickets and event details at http://garage-nation.shoobs.com/events/2010-05-02-garage-nation DJ EZ, MIKE RUFF CUTT LLOYD, PIED PIPER, MARTIN LIBERTY LARNER, ROSSI B & LUCA B LIVE - KIE...
  12. M

    Bass Music production blog now online.

    Hi all, I've just started a production blog for that stuff that people are calling "bass music", be it dubstep, garage, uk funky or anything bass-centric at around that tempo. It's called Make Some Bass. In 300-500 words or so, producers talk about a track they've made. The first three...
  13. W

    Wascal - Attention Defecit EP (Rocstar Records)

    Wascal - Attention Defecit EP clips are up exclusively on JunoDownload. Full release on Cut La Roc's Rocstar label on 7/3/10 http://www.junodownload.com/ppps/products/1543578-02.htm [/shameless promo]
  14. C

    Skrewfacesound - Innocent Until Proven Filthy Vol 5 (Hosted by MC Mirage)

    Skrewface teams up with MC Mirage (London, UK) for the next instalment of the mixtape series called "Innocent Until Proven Filthy". The series fundamental idea is to promote the sounds of Dubstep, at times there is too much talent that doesn't have the same opportunity as big name producers and...
  15. A

    Spam Fritter VS Un Bongo (not spam) @ corsica

    Hi Guys, dont want to spam it up in here, though some dissensians might be interested in this on saturday Un Bongo VS Spam Fritter At Corsica Studio’s 14/11/09 10pm-Onwards (I think, will reconfirm, Jay?) TROPICAL/FUNKY/GARAGE/BASS ROSKA (Rinse FM/FWD) WARLOCK (Rag n Bone) D-MALICE (Diamond...
  16. T

    i just looked at the 'search tag cloud' thing in the user profile here

    and it comes up with: 天野尚 *cums in a sock* animism vs. cybernetics aquacrunk baroness phwoaarr!-si belly full of crap blackathena black athena brave but foolish broad cumbucket butt doctor capitalism clenched epistle cunts dubstep fuck dog funky finney fush grubby t-shirt salesmen guru josh i'm...
  17. Z

    The (lack of the) Mysterious

    in a tangent from the Giving Up Coffee thread in which Chaotropic started telling amazing stories about his cryptozoological expeditions. it does make sense and i understand/agree with/am all for those reasons. but at the same time it also makes counter-sense: in the act of "destroying" the...
  18. W

    Wascal September 2009 mix

  19. W

    WASCAL DUBS 006 - Glisten Up / Sub Mission @ Digital-Tunes

    WASCAL DUBS 006 Glisten Up / Submission 15 Months since the last Wascal Dubs digital release, I've just put 2 tracks of Bristol bass pressure up on Digital-tunes.net. SubMission is a 6m40 min trip through grime to dubstep then 2step. Support from various Bristol, London, San Francisco etc...
  20. john eden

    When did dubstep lose the plot?

    Well? please be specific about particular tunes, events, haircuts, etc which you feel are significant. You may also berate me for suggesting it has lost it.