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makes strange noises.
Hi all,

I've just started a production blog for that stuff that people are calling "bass music", be it dubstep, garage, uk funky or anything bass-centric at around that tempo.

It's called Make Some Bass. In 300-500 words or so, producers talk about a track they've made.

The first three features:
Feature 1: Philthkids - The Flipper
Feature 2: Ill Cosby - Lo Oyen
Feature 3: Matthew Hiscock - Oh Those Sexy Sweatpants.

Upcoming: Autopilot and a Montreal special featuring HGLDT, Intoccabile and Komodo.

If anyone wants to take part, or has any suggestions on how to make it better/more informative, drop me a line here or through the blog.

thanks for your time,
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makes strange noises.


makes strange noises.