1. D

    my show on saturday with playlist TRACKLIST DJ Pioneer Feat Egypt - Stronger (New Main Mix) Do It Better (feat Sophia - original mix) Windstorm- funkystepz Funky Twinz Ft. Angel J - Smile Roulette Funk e Truce - Bad Reception Dj Eastwood Special ER...
  2. E

    London - Sun City, Old Skool Garage @ If Bar, Ilford

    Celebrating our own old skool reunion.. Saturday 12th June If you were there from 1996 - 2000 then you know exactly what to expect, for the new generation this is the ULTIMATE RUSH with a dj and mc line up SECOND TO NONE!!! This night WILL SELL OUT so make sure you have your tickets WELL IN...
  3. M

    Bass Music production blog now online.

    Hi all, I've just started a production blog for that stuff that people are calling "bass music", be it dubstep, garage, uk funky or anything bass-centric at around that tempo. It's called Make Some Bass. In 300-500 words or so, producers talk about a track they've made. The first three...
  4. wise

    house/funky tune id help

    Tune id from MusikMans show on Rinse last Thursday House kind of funky kind of jackin chicago styles with weird cut up vocals MusikMan11310clip.mp3 - 4.17MB Anyone know what it is? I need this tune :mad:
  5. A

    [ldn] bomb xmas spesh 10/12/09

    This will be the xmas special, and how special it will be. We are planning to go b2b for about 3 hours, four way pressure! Then you got the man like Elemental to finish the night off! FREE ENTRY!! CHEAP DRINK & PENG FOOD....(NOT BUD)
  6. A

    Spam Fritter VS Un Bongo (not spam) @ corsica

    Hi Guys, dont want to spam it up in here, though some dissensians might be interested in this on saturday Un Bongo VS Spam Fritter At Corsica Studio’s 14/11/09 10pm-Onwards (I think, will reconfirm, Jay?) TROPICAL/FUNKY/GARAGE/BASS ROSKA (Rinse FM/FWD) WARLOCK (Rag n Bone) D-MALICE (Diamond...
  7. T

    i just looked at the 'search tag cloud' thing in the user profile here

    and it comes up with: 天野尚 *cums in a sock* animism vs. cybernetics aquacrunk baroness phwoaarr!-si belly full of crap blackathena black athena brave but foolish broad cumbucket butt doctor capitalism clenched epistle cunts dubstep fuck dog funky finney fush grubby t-shirt salesmen guru josh i'm...
  8. U


    Yes people! After killer sets from Dexplicit, Roska, Ben UFO and DJ Smutlee in June, U Dun Know are back again with another serious line up! L-Vis 1990 (Mad Decent / Night Slugs) Grievous Angel (Devotional Dubz / Woofah) Reecha (Dirty Canvas / No Hats No Hoods) Unknown Soulja (Sub FM) Mosca...
  9. wise

    wonky R&B dancehall african funky warehouse rave mix

    New mix inspired by the gorgeous spring sun! Any feedback appreciated, thanks :D Download Bare Bones - bump r funk mix 192.mp3 from WISE - Bump R Funk Mix 00.00 Cassie - Me & You 01.05 Hud Mo - Come Get It 03.15 Diplo - Tell Me What You Think 04.40 Ciara - Echo 06.25 Flying...
  10. B

    Dj Blip _ CemPorCento

    Hello Dissensians. Made this one for brazilian music blog 100%. One take mix, pretty much improvised selection, except for the Prince track that was going to get in there no matter what. Goes from funk to funky with many stops on the way. Includes criminally unreleased Atki2's Fishbone and...
  11. T

    The meaning of "funky house"

    When martin blackdown first mentioned funky house on dissensus a while back, people seemed to think it referred to bland, MOR house played in bars in the west end. The stuff that Geeneus etc are dropping now seems a long way from that - are they two separate genres, or have they met in the middle?
  12. MATT MAson

    Woebot on funky house

    Thought this post on funky house, a genre that has proved to be hard for people (me included) to write about convincingly, was great: C'mon - seriously, it's much more fun than dubstep... (and ammunition haven't taken it over yet)
  13. D

    what is funky house?

    i've been tracking the "what's gone wrong with grime thread" -- nothing to contribute of course -- but i follow what you uk people are up to regardless and in course of reading the thread, i learn that "funky house" is supposedly the rage in london call me needlessly skeptical, but does the...