WASCAL DUBS 006 - Glisten Up / Sub Mission @ Digital-Tunes


Wild Horses

Glisten Up / Submission

15 Months since the last Wascal Dubs digital release, I've just put 2 tracks of Bristol bass pressure up on Digital-tunes.net.

SubMission is a 6m40 min trip through grime to dubstep then 2step. Support from various Bristol, London, San Francisco etc DJs while its been doing the rounds on mp3.

Glisten Up is a stripped back future garage roller with support from Distance on Rinse FM, Whistla etc.

[ Much longer preview clips @ http://soundcloud.com/wascal ]

Recent Wascal releases have come out on Hammer, Cymbstep, L2S, Rogue Dubs & Savoury audio and theres stuff in the pipeline on Halo Beats, RocStar, Audio Banquet etc.

Link to the digi release = http://www.digital-tunes.net/releases/glisten_up___sub_mission

Link to a Wascal Only 30 min mix =
Feel free to buy it twice, blog about it, tell everyone you've ever met etc...