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    Wascal September 2009 mix

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    WASCAL DUBS 006 - Glisten Up / Sub Mission @ Digital-Tunes

    WASCAL DUBS 006 Glisten Up / Submission 15 Months since the last Wascal Dubs digital release, I've just put 2 tracks of Bristol bass pressure up on Digital-tunes.net. SubMission is a 6m40 min trip through grime to dubstep then 2step. Support from various Bristol, London, San Francisco etc...
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    Wascal February 2009 Mix

    1h58m / 192kbps / 162mb DOWNLOAD
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    Wascal January 2009 Mix

    73m59s / 101mb / 192kbps DOWNLOAD HAPPY NEW YEAR!