dasha nekrasova

  1. sus

    A Brooklyn Culture Mafia

    Came across a wild Oneohtrix Point Never performance, their new shoegaze cut "I Don't Love Me Anymore." The 90s are back baby! Eli Keszler does the drums, Dasha Nekrasova—his partner's partner—does the video. All the sudden it hit me: The time is ripe for a Brooklyn culture mafia thread...
  2. sus

    Suspended's thread

    It's like deconstructed Beach Boys, Robbe-Grillet plays "Sloop John B.," the way Jealousy is a deconstructed take on a Jane Austen film except written 30 years in advance.
  3. Woebot

    Russia Surrounded

    not to condone putin's action but this is a really interesting vid on how russia has become progressively encircled it's no surprise that he seems paranoid in the light of this