ethi jazz

  1. A

    Good and Bad Genre Names

    was thinking about this in relation to "drag" (in my oppinion a very good genre name) and "witch house" (the same genre, but not so good name...) go here if you have no idea what im talking about and how it seems that bad...
  2. Z

    Berlin tonight: MULATU ASTATKE & THE HELIOCENTRICS i will be there!
  3. R

    Ethiopiques Series

    Picked up the best of compilation from the Ethiopiques series. Really liking it particularly at work where more relaxing sounds are the order of the day
  4. Woebot

    Indo Jazz

    Yay! Let's have an Indo Jazz thread. I'm doing a sleeve dump of some of the things I've picked up recently soon. It's an amazingly fecund quarter actually. Think about the things it has inspired: Minimalism: La Monte Young. La Monte is simply an aestheticised stripped-back Alice...
  5. R

    Moroccan Pop

    Anyone got a good knowledge of Moroccan pop...had a trip in a friend's car recently and he had some tapes that he'd acquired on at trip to Morocco was amazing mix of the exotic and good old pop. Unfortunately it was all on cassette with notes in Arabic so can't really chase it any further...
  6. sufi

    Ethiopian Idol

    Ethi version of Pop Idols formula, i'd love to hear it
  7. sufi

    Tune ID - Ethi Jazz?

    can anyone ID this glitchy C60 rip??? originally picked up in ethiopia with rewch in about 94/95, track 2 & track 4 are particularly ruff psychedelic jams... roha band perhaps? or meybe not even ethiopian?? i never heard anything quite like it please gurus??