1. haji

    The new Ethnomusicology

    (Now i see why woebot never gets comments on his website, so we'll have to rehearse this discussion over here) i almost posted this some time back when i read this sycophancy bollocks, but interesting bollix nonetheless...
  2. A

    Good and Bad Genre Names

    was thinking about this in relation to "drag" (in my oppinion a very good genre name) and "witch house" (the same genre, but not so good name...) go here if you have no idea what im talking about and how it seems that bad...
  3. Z

    Anthropology - breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc

    recently saw this book: Domesticating the World African Consumerism and the Genealogies of Globalization Jeremy Prestholdt looks like stuff i have not encountered at all before. if it holds water might have to move some stuff around in my head to accommodate these accounts... anyone read...
  4. Z

    Deeper Roots

    what little i know about revisionist history and the fictional divide between "east" and "west": during the first half of Greek empire everything came from Persia: food, music, technology, philosphy, mathematics, astronomy, religion, medicine, fashion, etc, etc, etc, etc. and it was not until...
  5. C

    Early digi reggae

    Following on from the Nitty Gritty can people add some digi reggae ? I only know the obvious ones so ill start with this Kenny Knox
  6. S

    music you've been enjoying lately

    i was listening to new pj harvey and devendra banhart a lot lately..specially devendra..but also some other stuff, and i put some of these songs together in a zip file if you're interested; i'd be much interested in what you've listened to lately, and if...
  7. Woebot

    Indo Jazz

    Yay! Let's have an Indo Jazz thread. I'm doing a sleeve dump of some of the things I've picked up recently soon. It's an amazingly fecund quarter actually. Think about the things it has inspired: Minimalism: La Monte Young. La Monte is simply an aestheticised stripped-back Alice...
  8. Z

    ethnomusicology readings

    ethnomusicology great stuff! first issue of 10 includes articles such as: Standardization and Innovation in Mariachi Music Performance in Los Angeles The Vocal Music Composer in a Nigerian Traditional Society and his Compositional Techniques...
  9. Z

    time and techno

    a good way to know if one is "in the moment", according to Zen practices, is that when meditating, and someone comes up from behind and goes "BOOYAKA!" ---- if you are startled, you are not here of this time, but asleep or adrift in some other time; and if you are not startled at all, you are...
  10. R

    Field Recording Equipment

    Hey guys I'm currently aquiring my equipment for field recording shi-ite, was wondering if anyone had any tips/suggestions concerning which particular equipment i should look for. I'm going to purchase a SONY TCD-D100 DAT walkman this afternoon from ebay, and now have to purchase a microphone...
  11. M

    The ol' ethno-tourism question

    Sorry if this has come up in one of the other threads and I missed it, but has anyone heard Murs' verses on the topic of white people into hip-hop on the track 'And this is for'? The track's on his album with 9th Wonder, '3:16'. Pretty good I reckon, fairly equivocal in that he's acknowledging...
  12. R

    Field recordings & indigenous peoples

    This is something i have been thinking about for awhile. I would really love to get some basic studio equipment together and travel through the jungles of south america/africa/asia recording indigenous people's music. Has anyone been part of a simliar adventure or know anyone who has? Also...