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  1. Elijah


    Can someone help me understand the sense of doing these please. Im seeing them pop up everywhere, normally limited to 100 copies... Does anyone still have a tape deck?
  2. R

    in praise of tapes

    http://www.factmag.com/2010/07/26/cassette-playa-in-praise-of-tapes/ as a bit of a luddite i enjoyed reading this. not least cos i still love how tactile tapes are and i still tape from pirate radio (though ive gotten slack in the last few months). the sound quality of a decent chrome tape...
  3. woops

    This blog is a lot

    It deserves its own thread.
  4. D

    Dissensus Cassette Swap - Unplugged

    I really enjoyed reading about the old Dissensus Cassette Swap on Ferrite Love Connection , I love getting given cassettes and regretted not taking part. I've also brought Thurston Moore's book on mixtapes which is quite good fun, and more importanly, I've brought a ton of records recently...
  5. M

    grime tapes upload thread

    over the next couple weeks im going to upload the grime tapes luka lent me in this thread. 1. heaaaaaaartleeeeeeeess dj deisel - wiley, gods gift, jookie mondo deja 92.3fm - slewing heartless start of 2002 i guess? http://www.megaupload.com/?d=QHI1P8JR
  6. nochexxx

    field recordings - breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc

    so chris watson finally gets the vinyl treatment. i've been praying for this after many moons!.:cool: i'm finding it difficult to bother listening to strictly human generated microsound, is there anyone else out there that should be checked out within the natural recording world?
  7. slackk

    Awesome Tapes From Africa

    Making the assumption that this doesn't already exist somewhere here and knowing that there are some "world" music heads; http://awesometapesfromafrica.blogspot.com/ great site, I have no idea what any of this stuff I'm listening to is at all and I don't really care. just got put onto this by a...
  8. Chef Napalm

    Dissensus Cassette Swap: Third Time Lucky

    Dissensus Cassette Swap: Third Time Lucky **SIGN-UP CLOSES TODAY!** It's the time of the year when a man's fancy turns to crate digging in warm, but dusty, thrift shops. A time when the brisk air of autumn pulls the trigger on one's creative desires. All of the experiences of the fading...
  9. Chef Napalm

    Cassette Swap II Reviews: List of Shame

    For those of you who haven't been following the Dissensus Cassette Swap Parte Deux thread, the group has been doing pretty well. On the bright side, five cracking reviews have been posted thus far and I would encourage everyone to check them out. On the down side...well, owen put it best in...
  10. nomos

    what to do about cassettes?

    I'm moving again so once more I'm faced with the question of whether to keep or dispose of my large (and heavy) collection of cassettes. It's mostly hip hop, spanning the mid-80s to early-90s. I'm still attached to the music but it's been years since I've had the tape deck plugged in and...
  11. Chef Napalm

    Dissensus Cassette Swap Parte Deux

    If you've been following the cassette swap thread then you already know that we're starting up another round. This message is for those of you who haven't been reading what you may have thought of as a dead thread. ;) I've just been re-reading some of those posts and hadn't realized how many...
  12. B

    Music that's popular in the Middle East

    Here's an interesting one. I'm curious to know how the effects of evil American/English/European capitalism have infiltrated that outpost of civilisation that is the middle East. I'm curious to know how their social/physical environment affects the type of sounds they respond to. So far I can...
  13. M

    cassette swap

    Whos in? might be a bit of fun..... devise some kind of random secret santa system to whom you send a cassette... I think I'd thrill at the reciept of a well made mixtape.. be it psych folk i've never heard of, straight taped grime pirate stuff on one side and 10 people who out sigur ros on the...
  14. bruno

    random genius

    i've had one mp3 copy of gza's liquid swords for a very long time. a precious bit of data backed up to several decaying cdrs. anyway, at some point near the end of labels, for maybe a second or two, there is a bit of another track. someone says something about 'el ministro del fomento'. the beat...
  15. N

    NME C86 in MP3 format (aka .022)

    Should you be prepared to listen to all this again (handy for myself as I don't have a cassette deck). http://mockingmusic.blogspot.com/2005/07/nme-c86-profile.html (via thingsmagazine.net). Can't remember any of the songs, will listen to it tomorrow after my download has finished - but there...
  16. sufi

    Tune ID - Ethi Jazz?

    can anyone ID this glitchy C60 rip??? originally picked up in ethiopia with rewch in about 94/95, track 2 & track 4 are particularly ruff psychedelic jams... roha band perhaps? or meybe not even ethiopian?? i never heard anything quite like it please gurus??
  17. W

    Walkman chic

    My minidisc recently broke. Unable to afford a new one let alone a fancy ipod gizmo, I've dug out my battered but much-loved Walkman. Rediscovered loads of great tapes and two sides of an album. Seeing a much trendier friend he tells me Walkmans are the new cool. What with every tom dick and...