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  1. T

    acid communism

    without wanting to take down any sacred cows. ok, so i agree with the conceptual premise. the left is still (mostly) trapped in the petrified bourgeois values of the 1950s. What I don't agree with however is its conceptual premise. Do we really want to reclaim the acrid stink of the beatles...
  2. S

    Cultural Cowardice

    "inevitable retreats and acts of collective cultural cowardice. i do think music acts as a gauge of something real. i do think that space is opened up by the genuinely new. and that music like this is a refusal of the frontier, not just on the part of fatboy slim but on the part of the...
  3. luka


    I quite rate them. They're so cluely and career minded. The only thing i would critisze them for is that they dont have souls. A good way to appreciate the difference between millenials and my lot is look at wiley, born same year as me, and then compare how hes run his career to dizzee or even a...