goblin nonce

  1. V

    DJ David Goblin

    For @wektor
  2. Mr. Tea

    Pervert Of The Day

    This is intended as a rolling thread. Regular updates, please! https://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/news/20279655.retired-vicar-performing-sex-act-henry-vacuum-cleaner/
  3. S

    Joseph K's Wonderful Poetry Thread

    https://newpoplitopenmic.com/2019/05...by-d-c-miller/ https://newpoplitopenmic.com/2019/05/09/poetry-my-behaviour-by-d-c-miller/
  4. S

    The Agent Nucleus Conflict Resolution Thread

    Agent Nucleus is disgruntled and has launched a one man insurgency. It has fallen upon me to end this despair. To end this chaos. I dream of a dissensus that can prosper in peace. Reach out in the spirit of reconciliation. Of cooperation. Of understanding. The hand of history is upon our...