gus lord of darkness

  1. sus

    Gus's Top 100 Bootlickin' Nonce Anthems

    (1/100) Norah Jones, "Come Away With Me" "As far back as I can remember..." "In the beginning..." "Much anticipated, but til this day undelivered..." The way I always understood the difference between my parents' music taste was that Dad was up-tempo and Mom meant down-tempo. That said...
  2. S


    Not the Freudian ego, i mean "you've got such a big ego". its almost always used derogatorily. its a bit of a dirty word. but... there's a lot to be said for it. on a personal level so much of my enjoyment of life stems from my ego. people may not like to say it, but ego is arguably the main...
  3. luka

    Strange American Things.

    One thing they love, those Americans, is to talk about an artistic career in terms of business strategy and industry chicanery.