1. linebaugh

    The feel of the 2010's

    Was it an ambiguous decade? Or does does it not have the privlege of being so old that its comftorabley categorized like the aughts? People might say its the trump decade but that doesnt feel right. The 2020's feel like the trump decade and it feels like the 2020's started sometime around 2016...
  2. Tentative Andy

    Vanishing posts

    Is anyone else experiencing this? - Sometimes I'll see on a forum page that there has been a new post in a thread, but when I click on the thread it's not there. And sometimes the opposite will happen - someone will post a reply in a thread, but the reply won't be listed on the forum's thread...
  3. R

    What is a k-punk ?

    what purpose does it serve ? is it something i should take note of and study, something i need to understand something i should strive to be like ?
  4. N

    Entrances to Hell around the UK

    Underlow emits a constant whining sound which ebbs and flows with the moon. It is protected by a foul gas and stands on marshy ground. The nearest settlement is a tiny hamlet named Churchwick which was abandoned during the First World War. An ideal outlet when discretion is necessary. Radiation...
  5. B

    Burial "Untrue"

    CD Tracklisting: HDBCD002 1. Untitled 2. Archangel 3. Near Dark 4. Ghost Hardware 5. Endorphin 6. Etched Headplate 7. In McDonalds 8. Untrue 9. Shell Of Light 10. Dog Shelter 11. Homeless 12. UK 13. Raver LP Tracklisting: HDBLP002 A1. Archangel A2. Near Dark B1. Homeless B2. Shell of Light C1...
  6. B

    What exactly is HAUNTOLOGY to pop music?

    The word 'hauntology' has been throwed around a fair bit, and seems to relate to some post deleuzian body-without-organs concept to music.. I'm figuring it means anything that sounds lost, otherworldly, old, ancient, dead, spooky, etc...Correct? SO you could peg Moby's PLAY as 'hauntology' as...
  7. subvert47

    Martin Hannett

    I've been listening to some Joy Division and it was dreadful couldn't think why I ever liked them now I've just listened to Unknown Pleasures and I remember why it's because of Martin Hannett the meaty bass, the reverberating drums, the vocal effects, the noises and somehow Barnie gets to...
  8. N

    hauntomix - June 5th 2005

    Hadn't heard of the term "hauntology" when I created the mix (in June 2005), but in retrospect I think it fits perfectly - WWII air-raid alarms, footsteps, crackles, sounds of rusting boats and heavy breathing (?) - under almost beatless electronic music; an overall eerie-cozy atmosphere. 15...
  9. T


    I know there was a thread a few months back here on the subject of this ghostly sound and The Caretaker got a few mentions in that thread along with Ghost Box and a number of other people making darker mostly beatless sounds. I have posted here to let you know i am pressing up a limited 6CD set...
  10. k-punk

    Grim Britannia

    - Martin, from the Hauntology thread Martin really is the poet of Grim Britannia, his writing viscerally evocative of a bygone England no-one can remember, nor seems to want to. Watching Life on Mars again this evening, I was struck by how WRONG it feels. The rough n ready unPC PCs actually...
  11. L


    been really feeling the Hauntology excavations around here and would like to collate a "canon" (I think??? the nature of the subject suggests vagueness); BoC Ariel pink ghostbox label Radiophonic workshop Young marble giants Conet project-short wave numbers station thing on Irdial...