how can he not know?

  1. sus

    THE PRESTIGE (2006)

    Christian Bale as Alfred Borden & Fallon Hugh Jackman as Angiers, Lord Caldlow, the Great Danton, Root Michael Caine as John Cutter Scarlett Johansson as Olivia Rebecca Hall (Vicki Christina Barcelona) as Sarah Borden David Bowie as Nikola Tesla This is to Batman Begins (Bale/Caine) as Runaway...
  2. luka

    Corpsey's Ascetic November.

    Corpsey has committed himself to a purge of evils over the month of November. He will not be contaminating himself with alcohol, cannabis or pornography for the entire month till he is spiritually, mentally, emotionally, psychically and physically clean and pure again. He will also be reading...