1. D

    joyful italo house to happy hardcore thread

    my original intention was to contribute to the "overwhelmingly joyful music" thread. however, my list of joyful dance records from the 89/90/91 era kept getting longer and longer and longer . . . . so i decided to start my own list posing as a thread --------> touch of soul, "we got the love"...
  2. D

    woebot's djing post hooplah! we once considered bringing along a laptop with wifi so we could cater to anyones requests mainly because we almost exclusively dj whatever whoever is paying us wants us to play, but decided it would be too much of a faff. so we just cover...
  3. F

    italo disco

    "in the sublime the filth, in the filth the sublime" (you're advised now). ok, some italo disco comps suggestions for the curious; '80 italo disco made in italy, even if they sing in (funny) english and this stuff was mostly intended for export (germany and chicago and japan being the most...
  4. bruno

    is eurodisco the final frontier?

    i've been listening to the current 'cbs top 100' as spiritually guided by i-f - pineapples come on closer, s.c.o.r.t.a pertini dance and a slew of obscure and fantastically ridiculous italo disco tracks, and this isn't hypnotic tango, take a chance, etc but full-on cheesiness. it seems to me the...
  5. Woebot

    Films you've seen recently and would unreservedly recommend:

    "Le Cercle Rouge" This is a great super-cool French crime movie:
  6. Woebot

    Baldelli Tracks

    If you haven't caught up with the massive resurgence in Italian 1970s Afro-Cosmic DJ Danielle Baldelli, well there's no time like the present is there? Simon posted some links here the other day if you want to find out more about Baldelli...