Watched "Brokeback Mountain" the other day. Yes, it is a Hollywood film, but don't let that put anyone off. It is a fantastic film and deserves all of the awards and kudos it is getting. Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal are fantastic, understated direction, and a subtle script. Fantastic stuff.

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Ernest Hemingways 'The Killers' the first version by Sodmak, film noir at it's best.
Ossessione-(dir.Visconti)-seen 'The Postman Always Rings Twice' ? this is the Italian neo-realist version and it's astounding and so well shot.
The Ipcress File-funny and dark, how does Caine get away with being so wooden, he does though.


Sorry if I ignored the 'recently' bit of the thread... tbh, I havent seen anything Id unreservedly recommened for some time now, though I dont watch that many films...

Land of the Dead was probably the best thing Ive seen in a while, but it wasnt that good!


It was on channel 4's 'Cannabis night' :confused: if I remember correctly...

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"Le Cercle Rouge" absolutely rules. One of the only movie posters I've ever seen where two of the leading men have moustaches, and yet look super super cool.

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I think Cache is just great...deeply unsettling, like all of Haneke's films...but not as brutal...you really have to consider why you find it disturbing...

has anybody here seen Funny Games?...I am so glad to have watched it, but let me tell you, the second I finished the tape, I rewound it and ran it back to the shop...I did not want that thing in my house another minute!


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henrymiller said:
labrat, where d'you get to see 'berlin horse'?
Twas a dodgy video off channel 4 (midnight underground-I think) back in the daze when channel 4 would devote a programme experimental film/video..


Ness Rowlah said:
"Ping Pong" as shown on BBC4 in Jonathan Ross's ongoing "Asian Invasion" series.

Built on some manga series or novel, fresh, amazingly different and good.
reviews here:

Ive heard of that comic... big in Shonen jump a few years back. One of those semi-formulaic 'occupational' manga about training to be a great Table Tennis player/Chef/Pachinko player/Accountant/Sherpa/Martial artist/Politician/Sushi Chef/Bass Fisherman etc... but with a bit of a twist. I love that stuff. They have the whole aspirational thing down pat, and the competitions/challenges just get more and more intense and ridiculous as the story progresses.

Id heartily recommend Taiyo Matsumoto's 'Black and White' manga as well, as, apart from being one of the most experimental and Western influenced artists in Japan at the moment, his stories have as much in common with underground UK and US stuff as they do with traditional manga..


Bit mainstream perhaps but I really enjoyed "The constant gardener", in fact it restored my faith in cinema. Fiennes is particularly good and I cried like a baby at the end.


robutfromitly said:

If you treat it as fiction and not fact though surely? Some very dodgy twisting of the facts going on with that film from what ive read...