jamaican voodoo gang from predator 2

  1. sufi

    Kitchen Appliances

    The microwavé has started making clouds of acrid smoke and demented threatening buzzing noises that hasten me to the kitchennette for fear of something worse... it's now plugged off and out of commission :( and i'm astonished at how integrated it is in my brain circuitry, i keep reaching for it...
  2. version

    Help Corpsey Choose a Religion

    Jack recently confided in me that he was considering converting to Islam, but he said he wanted to keep his options open and have a browse around before making a decision. With that in mind, let's help out our old pal.
  3. version

    The Environment is an Agent

    I've been rewatching bits of True Detective recently - the first season - and one of its finest features is that noxious, decaying Louisiana landscape of buckled churches, seedy motels, belching petrochemical plants and stagnant bayous. The show's third lead, as the writer said. Everything that...
  4. version

    Beyond the Framework

    People tend to have their favoured lenses and frameworks, but what lies outside them? What happens to academia, media criticism, and so on, if we hypothetically rule out mentioning capitalism, or race, or gender, or any of the other go-tos? What's discussed instead? Wondered this after reading...
  5. william_kent

    New Year Resolutions 2024

    New year Resolutions, I never make them, but I am determined for the following year that I will delete any entertaining post that I make within an arbitrary time limit, let’s say 5 minutes Might be less because so far @luka has caught me out with tales of my homemade videos, @shakahislop got...
  6. malelesbian

    Homophobia and Phallic Culture in Hip Hop

    @ghost of beiser made the ludicrous claim that homophobia is not prevalent in hip hop culture. He called me racist for criticizing the very real homophobia I have witnessed in hip hop as a matter of empirical fact. Beiser loves making personal comments about me. Well here's a fact about my...
  7. Corpsey

    Grime doc on BBC

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m001pvjf About two thirds into this and it's well worth a watch Interviews with slimzee, geeneus, dizzee, d double, lethal b, Kano, jammer etc etc Wiley features quite prominently but no interview
  8. Q

    The Canon of the Overrated

    I would like to propose: Chemical Bros DJ Shadow Fat Boy Slim APhex Twin (has a couple of great songs but remains v.overrated imo)
  9. version

    Hit Jobs, Takedowns, Insults

    Classic examples. Personal favourites.
  10. DLaurent

    The best Basslines

    There's another thread about the heaviest basslines but what are the best basslines? I've been talking about it elsewhere and need some inspiration as I haven't been able to come up with that many.
  11. luka

    Trent Country Park

    Edmund should walk to Trent Country Park. He has been to a lot of London but he has never been here. If you think of any other places he has never been to in London name them here. aleksandar aleksmarija 19 reviews·27 photos a week agoNew Beautiful park for a day out in nature, but there is no...
  12. B

    Dreams and dream theory

    I wonder if anyone can recommend books or writings on dreams - the function of dreaming, the meaning of dreams, and how these have changed over the centuries, or are different in other cultures - artistic movements influenced by the idea of the dream... I think there's probably some...
  13. luka

    why is dissensus an asylum?

    i think it is k punks fault and also university and also america
  14. luka

    casualties: who cares

    i was at a 45th. and perhaps i wont make it but i saw two old schoolfriends that look like they're about to die.
  15. luka


  16. Q

    Music is Vast: A Tribute to the Music and Legacy of Vangelis

    Czech out my musical efforts on tracks 18, 41 & 65 - all profits from this album go to The Trussell Trust
  17. B

    what the kids are into

    Or even what your kids are into, if you have any exhibit A "so sweet like a Mellotron"
  18. padraig (u.s.)

    The Republican War on Transgender People, Drag Queens, and Queerness in General

    certainly deserves its own thread there are so many pieces of proposed state legislation - 97 was the last count I saw - to ban gender-affirming care for minors (and not just minors, as some proposed laws extend the age past 18), ban trans kids from playing sports, and outlaw drag performances...
  19. version


    I dunno about the framing of the 90s as "post-politics". I know there's this sense that nothing happened and people weren't as politically engaged, but clearly things were happening and politics never went away. That being said, I suppose you have to try to come up with a language to discuss...
  20. entertainment


    Do you say that? I don't like cops much, haven't had many pleasant interactions with one. They seem like annoying people, always the flaunting of authority, the needlessly assertive mannerisms. And of course they do horrible things. And if we were to psychologize these people I wouldn't...