1. wise

    WISE - dubstep/grime & such mix

    WISE - Hitched mix Dec 2008 download here Pattie Blingh - Brother:The Point (2562 rmx) Rustie - Tempered King Midas Sound - Cool Out Gemmy - Back 2 The Future Chimpo - Lock Off Rude Kid - Alien Skank Mala - New Life Baby Paris Pinch - Joyride Goth Trad - The Clown D1 - Oingie Boingie Jammin -...
  2. C

    Clappa, Sensimedia, Dupstepper's Delight Rolling Thread

    Uncle Sam Biography Dem ting Deh, that’s all you’ll heard in the distance when, on August 25th 2005, Uncle Sam’s debut CD hit the airwaves like a hurricane. Uncle Sam broke the barriers and unleashed a twist in the reggae market that the West Indies had never seen before. Uncle Sam, born Ryan...